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UAE-Based Agthia Group Launches $54M CVC Fund for Foodtech Startups

The fund's investment focus is broad, targeting startups involved in snacks and beverages, alternative proteins, and more.

Agthia Group PJSC, a prominent food and beverage company based in the United Arab Emirates, has recently introduced a noteworthy initiative. The company has launched a corporate venture capital fund called Agthia Ventures, with a substantial investment of $54 million.

The primary objective of this venture is to bolster Agthia's innovation capabilities and foster mutually beneficial relationships with startups. This strategic move comes as Agthia aims to sustain its profitable growth in existing and emerging markets.

Agthia Ventures is a collaborative effort between Agthia Group and its parent company, ADQ, an investment and holding firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The fund will be co-managed by Touchdown Ventures, an expert in establishing and operating custom corporate venture capital programs. Touchdown Ventures has an impressive track record, having successfully executed over 100 venture investments to date.

The fund's investment focus is broad, targeting startups involved in snacks and beverages, functional water and hydration, alternative proteins, sustainability solutions in farming and packaging, e-commerce solutions for the food and beverage industry, and other enhancements relevant to Agthia's value chain.

Agthia Ventures will leverage its four decades of experience in the food and related industries to support entrepreneurs in scaling their operations and accelerating product development and market adoption. The program will provide access to Agthia's extensive industry knowledge, distribution networks, technological infrastructure, research and development capabilities, marketing expertise, and established customer relationships.

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