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UAE-Based Virtual Reality App 360VUZ Raises $5.8 Million in Series A Round

The content app has already seen huge success by hosting top notch live event coverage shot in 360-degrees for an immersive experience.

Established in 2016 - when virtual reality seemed like some far off notion - 360VUZ was in fact ahead of the game. An immersive content app that lets users ‘virtually’ attend the biggest and most exclusive events in the UAE all through their phones, 360VUZ took off over the last few years, and has become one of the consistently top-ranked video content apps available. The brainchild of Khaled Zaatarah - a Palestinian who’s lived in Saudi Arabia and the UAE - the company announced this week a whopping $5.6 million Series A round led by Shorooq Partners with participation from KBW Ventures, Media Visions, Vision Ventures, Hala Ventures, 500Startups. The innovative content platform also counts Careem founder Magnus Olsson and the former managing director of Facebook Middle East, Jonathan Labin, among their new investors.

Covering events with 360-degree cameras, content hosted by 360VUE lets users really take in the vibe and mood of events they can’t physically attend. As well as pre-recorded events, the app uniquely showcases 360-degree live streams. Among the events you can currently watch on the app are a Amr Diab concert (previously streamed live), tennis championships, and behind-the-scenes footage of FFWD. 

As the events’ industry as we know it comes to a screeching halt amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the app has seen an almost 300% increase in use over the last month alone. “We are on a mission to help connect people around the globe by building a hyperconnected world while offering full control and authenticity,” says Khaled Zaatarah. “We are expanding the ability of every individual to teleport and connect with people and experiences virtually while removing the constraints of travel, time, and access. Today more than ever, we understand that building a hyperconnected world is vital, and it is solving one of the major problems that the entire world is facing right now.”

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