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Etisalat's New B-Digital Plan Modernises Phone and Internet Usage for Startups and Small Businesses

The new plan allows business owners to distribute, control and manage internet and call minutes amongst their employees.

In an age where phone calls, emails and other internet-based communications reign supreme, working in a startup or SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) can, in no uncertain terms, be a strain on the ol' purse strings. You see, there are few more demoralising things than wrapping up a busy day at work, only to go home and find your internet bundle depleted. Telecoms giant, Etisalat, has gone some way to fixing the issue, however, and put the solution in the hands of employers.

Serving business-owners managing 5-40 employees, the B-Digital is a bundle that allows you to buy and share, as well as control your employees' internet bundles and minutes according to the needs and usage of different activities in your business, as well as the needs of indivudual employees.

While the plan is of undoubtedly great usefulness for any role, it will quite specifically benefit the most thankless role in any company: SPOC (single point of contact), the gateway for most, if not all, incoming communication at a company. B-Digital offers an end-to-end digital experience, without visiting a store or being on hold for hours. 

All you have to do is create a business account, choose the suitable bundle and dials, and upload the company’s commercial register and tax card. Etisalat is urging people to stay home during the Coronavirus, so you will also have the benefit of receiving your purchased lines right at your doorstep, avoiding any crowded places. From there, local minutes, in addition to free company minutes, mobile internet and messages from four different rate plans are at your fingertips to distribute and monitor.

B-Digital is the first platform of its kind and, beyond having the luxury of distributing the bundle to employees according their needs and usages, it’s the ease of doing so that is also revolutionary. Aimed specifically at small business, startups and SMEs, this will undoubtedly help Egypt’s growing pool of hungry, talented entrepreneurs to operate more efficiently, so that they can concentrate on innovating, elevating and, in many cases, changing the country, the region and the world - something that is particularity tough right now, with the global Coronavirus pandemic posing a real danger to startups and SMEs.

While some have been able to easily adjust, most of the affected have barely been able to operate properly day-to-day and so B-Digital's arrival couldn't have come at a better time. Working from home is proving to be a heavy financial burden on employees, with internet and phone bills exceeding the usual and the fact that B-Digital's plans can all be controlled digitally goes along way to alleviating the pressure. 

For more information and to join B-Digital, click here.

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