Monday February 26th, 2024
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UAE Consultancy Firm Strategi Advisors Launches the Strategi Startup Studio

Founder Mana Sultan Al Suwaidi is bringing his consultants and advisors together with the most innovative local and international entrepreneurs, as he looks to build an ecosystem.

Staff Writer

With over 20 years of experience in everything from PR and marketing, to event management and even diplomatic missions, Mana Sultan Al Suwaidi has taken another professional turn with the launch of Strategi Startup Studio.

The founder of its mother company, consultancy firm, Strategi Advisors, is seeking the most innovative and impactful entrepreneurs to not only help launch and scale their startups, but to help build and develop an ecosystem in UAE.

“The need for an evolving Startup Studio was evident way before Covid-19, but the recent crises strongly drive a larger force towards technology infrastructure and efficiency in all areas of business,” Al Suwaidi said about the company’s new startup arm. “We believe that successful businesses emerge when great ideas and entrepreneurs come together in a creative and nurturing environment to bring new concepts to life.”

With expert consultants and advisors in their pockets, Al Suwaidi and co are banking on years of accumulated experience and insight to attract the brightest entrepreneurs in UAE and beyond.

“Experts from Strategi Advisors will represent, support, and protect the growth of the startup business community with world-class expertise in every discipline required to build a market-leading company,” he adds. “Our objective is to collaborate with the most experienced and trusted partners to give direction to high growth startup entrepreneurs by listening, reflecting and guiding them.”

While Strategi Startup Studio has only now been officially launched, Al Suwaidi has reportedly spent the last four months in talks with a sovereign fund in Abu Dhabi, as well as various venture capital investors, in the region. it’s believed he’s looking for $50 million investment in exchange for equity for startups.


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