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UAE FoodTech Startup GrubTech Raises $2 Million Seed Round

The SAAS startup offers end-to-end operational solutions for restaurants and cloud kitchens, and hopes to enter South American, Southeast Asian and European markets by 2021.

In a sea of FoodTech startups, UAE’s GrubTech has caught the attention of investors, thanks to its truly high-tech software solutions, scoring a massive $2 million seed round. The SAAS startup offers several products to restaurants, cloud kitchens and online-only food brands, helping them to make their operations more efficient.

"Given GrubTech’s pandemic resilient business model and bluechip team, the investor community was highly engaged and supportive during the funding process,” says Mohamed Al Fayed  co-founder and CEO of GrubTech. “GrubTech’s vision is to revolutionise the landscape of the foodservice industry by offering the best technology to let anyone start, run and scale their food business online in the fastest way possible. GrubTech is built from the ground up, keeping the restaurant and food delivery business in mind. It uses the latest frameworks and technology stacks for catering to a wide range of scenarios and clients,”

One of GrubTech’s most popular software products, GrubONE, uses bi-directional integrated APIs to automatically deploy menus across various channels and automate order capture from food aggregators into a unified and easy to manage dashboard. 

Using their clients own data, and a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, GrubTech also offers restaurants new ways to understand and serve specific customer segments, while their in-kitchen smart display system integrates with several of the most-used third party logistics and point-of-sale softwares. The GrubTech have also announced that they’re working on leveraging robotics and the Internet of Things to help restaurants and cloud-kitchens become even more efficient 

“We are currently focusing on the MENA region thanks to its unique customer metrics such as highest order per capita and a large F&B footprint. But given GrubTech’s easily scalable technology we certainly intend on entering key markets in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe by 2021,” adds Al Fayed.

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