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UAE’s Carshare Operator Startup Ekar Partners Up with On-Demand Car Refueling Startup CAFU

The partnership aims to ensure that Ekar’s car fleet is already ready to hit the road with a full tank of petrol.

Following its successful trial period, the UAE-based pay-per-minute carshare application has entered into a partnership with on-demand car refueling company CAFU to ensure that its fleet of cars is always ready to roll with a full tank of petrol in each vehicle.

“A positive customer experience is at the core of our operations mantra and the partnership with CAFU ensures that each person unlocking our vehicles will be greeted by a full tank and ready to enjoy their driving experience without the delay of filling up. In addition, we cover additional costs including insurance so our drivers can enjoy all the benefits of car ownership, without the financial burdens,” says Peter Moen, General Manager of Ekar UAE.

CAFU uses Ekar’s in-house developed app to identify and track which cars need refueling, when the vehicle isn’t in use, when to top up the tanks so they’re ready for the next Ekar customer to drive, ensuring a satisfactory customer experience for both startups.

Since launching in 2016, Ekar has seen over 15 million kilometres driven by its fleet, which currently stands at 500 cars in the UAE and is planned to pass 1,500 by the beginning of 2020. Ekar uses top-notch instant reservations and smart access technology for its UAE fleet, providing a network of vehicles for on-demand rent. Ekar enables users to conveniently explore and book available cars via its mobile and website application offering a pay-by-the-user pricing scheme.

“CAFU’s ambition has been to bring innovation and convenience to its customers. Our partnership with Ekar echoes that sentiment and we are excited to roll out this new technology that helps drivers save time and provide easy access to fuel service. We look forward to introducing more of such breakthrough innovative service in the near future,” says Rashid Al Ghurair, founder of CAFU.  

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