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UAE's Netaq E-Solution Just Snagged $1.5 Million For Its School-Parent Application Platform

With the investment, Abu Dhabi-based SchoolVoice is looking forward to expand the app’s user reach to French speaking countries.

Netaq E-Solutions' product, "SchoolVoice," has just raised $1.5 million in seed funding from Bin Mejren Investment Group. SchoolVoice is a platform that connects parents with schools in a simplified two-way-communication format. Running on both Android and iOS devices, SchoolVoice introduces the one-tap action messages feature allowing parents to receive and reply to school messages.

"We studied the communication tools used by the education sector in the Middle East and found that it is worth $1.3 billion," comments the Investment Group's Manager Mohamed Ibrahim. "We believe that SchoolVoice will be the market mover and will acquire a huge share of this market."

SchoolVoice adopts a freemium business model, where it provides a free package for schools limited to 1000 parents for each. With the investment, the two-year-old startup is looking to expand their team, develop their technology, and step up their branding game. Available in both Arabic and English, SchoolVoice wants to further expand the app’s user base to French speaking countries by this year's third quarter, by developing a French version of the app. Moreover, it has also signed contracts with schools in the UAE and in the MENA region and some in the Southeast Asian countries. 

Netaq E-Solutions is an Abu Dhabi-based tech house, part of Bin Mejren Investment Group. It's a digital solutions company founded in 2010. It houses a team of digital strategists, designers, developers, marketers, communications specialists, project managers and business consultants specialised in innovative websites and mobile applications, creative graphic designs, a variety of e-commerce solutions, digital marketing, human resources, and insight and strategy services to help you achieve a ground-breaking business success.

Photography courtesy of Ali Bin Yahia, CEO and Founder of Netaq E-Solutions.

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