Wednesday July 17th, 2024
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Kuwaiti Startup Zyda is Offering Free Subscriptions For Food Retailers to Launch Online Delivery

The startup, which has very much ‘disrupted’ online food delivery in Kuwait and beyond, is taking other measures to help during the pandemic.

Staff Writer

Since launching in 2018, Kuwaiti startup, Zyda, has proven to be a valuable tool for F&B outlets of all kinds in its offering of direct online ordering for a monthly fee. Founded by Hamad Aljudai , the company provides restaurants with a branded link that Instagram followers can use to browse menus and order directly without leaving Instagram, with no commission. 

Now, under the current (corona) circumstances, Zyda has activated ‘scheduled ordering’, which means that customers can order at any time of the day, and once curfew hours end, restaurants can start rolling out deliveries.

But beyond the convenience of scheduled ordering, Zyda has also pledged to onboard various Kuwaiti supermarket co-ops, who are now struggling due to having no online presence, by giving them a free subscription package for the first three months.

Furthermore, all their 500-plus existing clients, as well as all new clients, can look forward to receiving a free one month subscription, while restaurants in Cairo can also enjoy an extra 50% off for another additional month.

Currently operating in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar, Zyda brings together payment gateway partners, as well as delivery partners, in a convenient bundle. The startup is ready to set up any restaurant for online deliveries in less than 48 hours and said restaurants don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding convenient payment gateways, as well as finding web developers.


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