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Tunisian Scooter-Taxi Startup IntiGo Shifts to Delivery to Navigate the Corona Lockdown

They’ve built a strong foundation, most recently with a $300,000 investment, and now they’re exemplifying entrepreneurial dexterity.

Even before an official lockdown was announced by Tunisian President Kais Saied on Friday, IntiGo - the successful Tunisian scooter-taxi startup - saw demand for ride-hailing plummet. The startup, which clocked 11,000 rides in January and just last month raised $300,000 in investment, has pulled off quite the service pivot as a result.

It is now dedicating its growing fleet of 50 scooters and counting to delivery services. Just two weeks ago, we reported their plans to launch a food delivery service as ambitious. Consider us now with our hat in our hands, as once again the region’s entrepreneurs prove they will go above and beyond, even - and especially - during times of crisis.

Barely two weeks after Tunisia recorded its first coronavirus case, IntiGo had launched its two complementary delivery services to help ensure people self-isolate and quarantine as needed. Within the Grand Tunis area, you can opt for one of two services: book an IntiGo captain to run your errands on an hourly basis, or have your groceries delivered to your door, through IntiGo’s partnerships with grocery stores.

The startup has also taken to social media to share that it has authorization to continue operating its ride-hailing service until midnight, specifically to serve those working through the lockdown, including doctors, police officers, nurses and janitorial and public hygiene workers.

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