Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Zbooni Waives Processing Fees to Support UAE SMEs Through COVID-19

Instead of taking advantage of the situation, the online payment solutions provider is giving back to the community.

Staff Writer

Zbooni, the UAE-based online payment solutions provider, is the saving grace of Instapreneurs, and really anyone selling products and services online. That much is always true - thanks to their invoicing tool providing fast and safe transactions you can set up on Whatsapp - but even more so now.

With coronavirus-induced closures, quarantines and lockdowns burdening businesses big and small, Zbooni is playing its part by deciding not to charge merchants in the UAE any processing fees. From March 26th to April 16th, Zbooni’s normal 3.5% fee will be waived on all orders under AED 5,000 ($1,360).

“We decided that rather than take advantage of the situation, this was a moment where we should really give back to the community,” says Sadik Hamami, CFO of Zbooni. “This is a time when businesses need to adapt quickly, and that is hopefully where Zbooni is able to provide some relief.”


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