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3 Jordanian Startups to Watch: Meet Endeavor's High Impact Entrepreneurs

The organisation has just held its first International Selection Panel this year, having chosen 5 high-impact entrepreneurs from 3 startups to join their network in the MENA region.

Endeavor Jordan, the Levantine chapter of the global organisation supporting high-impact entrepreneurship, has just announced the selection of five high-impact entrepreneurs at the 77th Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP) in Dubai, the global network's first of the year.

"We are extremely thrilled to have five exceptional entrepreneurs join out network. These entrepreneurs have what it takes to elevate their businesses to the next level. We will be there by their sides to nourish their innovation and drive as they scale and grow, regionally and globally," said Endeavor Jordan's Managing Director Reem Goussous. Once selected into the network, entrepreneurs gain access to a wide array of services to help them scale their businesses and multiply their impact. Working alongside in three startups in the field of education and manufacturing, these are the three startups that made the cut:

1. Rama Kayyali, Lamia Tabbaa, and Salwa Katkhuda Founders of Little Thinking Minds, an engaging, self-paced, and digitized content for schools and at-home users aimed to improve Arabic literacy, of which students and teachers can use to communicate for homework, tests, tutorial and related educational games. "It was an exhilarating experience.  Not only was it great validation to what we do, and our strategy moving forward, but it was also a chance for us to dig deep into what we do and how we do it, and ask ourselves very pivotal questions," said co-founder Rama Kayyali.

2. Rami Saheb, Founder of Al Hadaf International Company for Importing and Industry "RZ", a leading Jordanian manufacturer and supplier of food packaging, disposables, and catering supplies in the region serving hospitals and restaurants to hypermarkets and households.

3. Hanan Khader, Founder of HelloWorldKids, a company that has created a coding skills' curriculum currently deployed in 100 public and private schools across Jordan for students ages 4-12. "Joining Endeavor is big news for my company HelloWorldKids, and will definitely help us grow bigger and reach new markets worldwide," Khader says.

The ISP is the final phase of a multi-step rigorous selection process, where candidates pitch their companies to top international business leaders and investors from the Endeavor network. The selection of the entrepreneurs came along the announcement of selecting 22 entrepreneurs representing 14 companies from 8 countries, including MENA ride-hailing leader Careem, making the number of entrepreneurs supported by Endeavor 1621. 

Main photo: Courtesy of Endeavor Jordan.


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