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7 Super Cool Inventions by Egyptians at Maker Faire Cairo 2017

We went; we saw; we conquered (yeah, we wish). But at least, we scoured through the event's most wicked gigs and inventions, and this is what we found.

For the third year in a row, Maker Faire Cairo gathered makers from all over Cairo in one place to connect and share their passion and enthusiasm for creating stuff. From craftsmen, to drones and robots, and one of Egypt's coolest DJs Disco Misr, Cairenes flocked to the Maker Faire by the thousands - and we literally mean everyone and anyone who "makes something": people who draw, who design, who manufacture, cook, or perform. Reunited by FabLab Egypt, after the smashing success of their fair in 2016, the restless team stepped it up a notch this year, turning it into an entire week with charity events, children's events, and a full-day feast of speakers, cosplay competitions, race cars, and all around epicness at Cairo's Smart Village. We were there to capture this geeky wonderland, and here's 7 of the coolest things we saw. 

Formula One Race Cars

The brilliant young men - hailing from Cairo University, Arab Academy of Science and Technology, Mansoura University, and Alexandria University - were showing off their groundbreaking mechanical race cars, which they were able to build by themselves out of used materials and motors. The team from Mansoura University, Mansoura Motor Sport, took their racing car internationally last year, exhibiting in London and reaching the 80th place out of a total of 200 racing cars. You can check their Facebook page for more racing car creations. 

Big Hero 6 Egyptian Robotic Team

This epic robot, created by students, makes cotton candy. Using technology and digital codes, young makers Seif Zayed, Asser Essam, Mostafa Ahmed Eid, and Ahmad Diaa who trained under the supervision of Hossam Mohamed Zayed have reached a whole new level with this creation. The team won 4 merit awards at the Maker Faire Cairo 2017, adding one more trophy to their trophy case. You can check out their creations on their Facebook page.


Fapreca is an arts and crafts gallery that offers everything you can possibly do on wood, with different kinds of gifts such as notebooks with wooden covers, wooden key medals, wooden bookmarks, a wooden wall clock, frames and wooden puzzles. The makers behind Fapreca took their passion to a whole new level, as they combined arts and drawings with woods and crafts. The outcome is beyond words. Check out their page to see for yourself!

FabLab Egypt Tubulium

You know what they say, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. The FabLab team was able to use old pipes to create an epic music instrument, called the Tubulium. They basically joined the pipes together with equal diameters, and use footwear (like a sandal) to make music. One of the FabLab geeks performed The Pirates of the Caribbean theme song and the Egyptian national anthem. It was one of the coolest things at the events. 


Interior Design at a Whole New Level

One of the coolest things showcased at the event was an arts and crafts store called Mavericks. The hub has taken design to a whole different level by using old and obsolete gears to create unique designs for lamps. Crafting a mixture of wonder, beauty and innovation, they promise to give your world an extraordinary touch. They use MVS lamps that come with a unique range of long term Edison lamps.

Cosplay Competition

Maker Faire’s latest cosplay competition was a breath of fresh air to the Egyptian cosplay community. Definitely a nerdy highlight in an event filled with geekiness were the outstanding cosplayers. From comic book favourites like Batman, Iron Man, Harley Quinn, and Iron Fist, to Game of Thrones characters; the costumers were without a doubt hard to overshadow. 

Disco Misr Concert

A great way to end the day was none other than Disco Misr. Taking centre stage, the dynamic duo that's turned Egyptian nightlife upside down took Arabic classics and added a pinch of disco and funk - but this time, with a twist: entirely powered by renewable energy, enabled by FabLab Egypt. 

Photography by @MO4Network's @MO4Productions.

Checkout Maker Faire Cairo on Facebook. 

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