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Egypt’s Falak Startups Launches Interactive Virtual Stage Platform

The platform takes the traditional demo day and turns into a streamlined, interactive experience for investors.

In an ecosystem ravaged by the carnage of Corona, we’ve seen startups across the Middle East do what they can to survive this most unexpected of global bombshells. Many have scaled back, some have pivoted, but all have ridden bumpy waves of differing degrees. Even fundamental processes of the ecosystem have been forced to adjust, not least investor relations and the art of pitching.

The biggest events, summits and programmes have been forced to go virtual and there are two arguments to be made about the development - that this was, at some point in the future, bound to happen either way or that it could slowly eradicate the entrepreneur-investor dynamic that is so key to a thriving, sustainable ecosystem.

Egypt’s Falak Startups has proposed something of a solution, however, with a brand new online platform that looks to bridge this gap before it gets worse. The Falak Startups Virtual Stage does was it says on the tin in not just cataloging entrepreneurs and startups, but to afford them as much exposure as physical pitching offers. Launched with the support of Egypt Ventures and the Ministry of International Cooperation, it takes traditional demo days and puts them online for a streamlined and interactive experience, as CEO of Falak Startups, Yousef El Sammaa, explains: “This platform is intended for serious active investors, VCs, funding institutions, and angel investors wanting to connect with the Falak Startups portfolio companies and in turn contributing to their growth.”

Investors, who - with exclusively granted access - can peruse some of the most innovative startups in Egypt, including those part of the EFG EV Fintech track, in collaboration with EFG Hermes and Egypt Ventures. The platform is divided into Falak Startups’ various tracks, with each participating startup given a dedicated page that features a short video pitch and relevant info for the startup and the team behind it - essentially, all the basics an investor would need.

“We are hoping to make this platform the preferred stop for investors to get first hand information, creative input and a direct contact with our entrepreneurs,” said Karima El Hakim, Falak Startups’ Head of Business Development & Investor Relations. “We aim to go find the investors without the constraint of time, place and convenience; hopefully we will grow into a fully fledged tech platform that will onboard our active portfolio.”

Whether a platform like this is a peak into the future of the ecosystem is yet to be seen, but for now, it’s as efficient a solution in the ecosystem’s fight against the pandemic - one that Falak Startups hopes will not only compensate for the effects of the pandemic, but elevate and evolve interactions between investors and entrepreneurs.

If you’re an investor looking to get in on the virtual action, you can request access by emailing invest@falakstartups.com.

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