Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Egypt’s National Council for Women to Launch Entrepreneur Programme

With financial empowerment for women at the core of its goals, NCW is set to launch a programme that aims to better equip female business owners in a number of different areas.

Farida El Shafie

Egypt’s National Council for Women has announced the timely launch of  an all-inclusive entrepreneurship programme which aims to train 136,000 women on the tenets of business management. 

Fitting revealed on International Women’s Day, the all-encompassing programme includes lectures on planning principles, marketing and innovation strategies, auditing, forward-looking goal planning, as well as key administrative skills such as registering and licensing new projects. The programme also highlights a list of fundamental agencies and financial providers for small and micro-enterprises, through which women can gain access to necessary corporate services in over 20 Egyptian governorates. 

As a whole, the National Council for Women is guided by two main goals, namely, the economic empowerment of women and  educational initiatives on cultural awareness. In the case of entrepreneurship, female founders and business owners have far too often operated outside of the ‘ecosystem’ as we know it today, which means they lack access to formalised support and capital. 

The National Council of Women’s programme looks to plug those holes, though if there is to be a real, sustainable impact, then it demands the cooperation and continuation of all ecosystem members - the investors, the accelerators, the incubators, even the entrepreneurs themselves. No dates 


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