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Egyptian Pioneering EdTech Startup Orcas Launches a Gamechanging Mobile App

The startup, which last year signed Kamelizer as an investor, allows users to find and contact tutors and babysitters located nearby, through geolocation.

With over three years in the EdTech scene, Orcas, the first online marketplace for babysitters and tutors in Egypt, are now launching a mobile phone application, which is available on both iOS and Android. The application, the first of its kind in the Middle East automatically allows families to find and connect with trusted, trained and experienced babysitters and tutors that live nearby, through geo location. Services are available for all ages, subjects and school systems within Cairo, but the entrepreneurs are planning for national and regional expansion soon. "Expect a new city very soon," anticipates founder Hossam Taher.

Since its official launch in 2014, the startup has embarked on a mission to drive youth employment, and pioneered the field of EdTech in Egypt. Initially called CairoSitters, the startup rebranded as Orcas in 2016, when they shifted their model "from an offline agency to an online platform,” co-funder Amira E Gharib told Startup Scene at the 25 under 25 event, where she anticipated the launch of the mobile app. The startup also signed Egyptian Kamelizer as an investor last year, in a move to scale and transform their platform into a global app that allows users to view profiles, book sessions, and review them. With tutoring sessions averaging 150 LE, the entrepreneurial team sells over 1,000 hours on a monthly basis. 

Now, the EdTech startup announced that the application will launch with more than 1,000 “partners” with experience in all School systems, including the International Baccalaureate, German Abitur, Bac Francais, American Diploma, IGCSE and Thanaweya Amma.

You can check out the application for Android and iOS, here and check out Startup Scene's IG for a special promo code!

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