Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Kuwait Inaugurates Its First Large-Scale Indoor Vertical Farm

The milestone farm's the result of a joint venture between two industry leaders Germany's &Ever and Kuwait's NOX Management.

Staff Writer

Kuwait has just inaugurated its first commercial indoor vertical farm. The milestone is the creation of &Ever Middle East, a joint venture between Kuwait’s GCC-focused F&B investment company NOX Management and German-based indoor farming company &Ever. The large-scale facility can grow 250 varieties of greens and herbs utilising sustainable technology. The vertical farm would use 90% less water, 60% less fertiliser and zero pesticides, as opposed to traditional farming. 

“Previously, Kuwait’s restaurants imported all of our greens and herbs, mainly from Europe,” said Faisal AlMeshal, Director, Strategy and Business Development, NOX Management. “Our JV with &ever and the partnership with SAP and Viessmann on this indoor farm is enabling the local farming supply chain to save on costs and logistics, to minimise waste and to make a better choice for the planet. Our customers have enhanced experiences with tastier and fresher produce.”

&ever’s operating system (which adopts the SAP business technology platform) would aid enable farmers to monitor, oversee and adjust all sorts of minutiae when it comes to airflow, light, carbon dioxide levels and temperature - all in real-time. 

“Technology is the foundation for transforming customer experiences in restaurants and agricultural production in Kuwait, and for fostering diversified economic growth and sustainable agriculture worldwide,” said Andy Froemmel, Managing Director, SAP Kuwait. “Digitally transforming Kuwait’s agricultural sector supports New Kuwait 2035 goals and helps to foster the local innovation economy and job creation.”


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