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Meet 10 Startups Graduating from Changelabs' First Cohort in Egypt

The finalists will be pitching for a chance to win up to EGP 2 million in funding.

Changelabs, a programme run in partnership with Blom Bank Egypt, FMO, Amazon, Fekretak Sherketak and the Entrepreneurship Academy by SANAD, has announced the graduation of ten startups from its first cohort in Egypt. Companies will be pitching their business ideas for up to EGP 2 million in funding on August 22 in Cairo.

The six-week programme provided training, mentorship and support to the selected ten startups, helping turn their innovative ideas into investment-ready businesses. The ten graduating startups have been carefully chosen from over 300 application and given the opportunity to experience a world-class curriculum, a network of global experts, diverse speakers and avid opportunities to test and pitch during the programme.

The Demo Day will take place at the Ministry of Investment to celebrate the successful graduation of the first cohort with the presence of leaders from the ecosystem including Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr, Shorouk Zidan, Shehab Marzban, Jeroen Hartevelt, Dalia Ibrahim, Mohamed Morsy and Walid Hassouna.

The ten startups will showcase their hard work, determination and collaborative effort of the past six weeks in front of a judging panel of investors, partners and representatives from FMO, the Egyptian Ministry of Investment and the European Union in Egypt.

The graduating startups come from a variety of industries covering education, transportation, agri-tech, real estate and health and wellness including:

  1. Cyyan

Cyyan is a B-to-C early-stage housing network that aims to help students and employees find and group with trustworthy roommates to share rent cost, rent apartments together, and pay rent electronically. As an added value, Cyyan verifies both renters and apartments through a multi-step verification system. The startup is seeking to launch its services starting September, and will provide an accompanying mobile application to support its operations.

  1. Lendor

Lendor is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer lending, borrowing and sharing. It connects individuals with common interests and helps develop a more sustainable and circular economy.

  1. Nash2

Nash2 is the first integrating online parenting platform in the MENA region. It is a one-stop-shop for educational toys and tools, as well as premium, specifically curated content through a website and a mobile application.

  1. OTO

OTO is an on-demand online platform that provides 1 to 1 live English-language courses by experienced tutors. With a current track record of over 5,000 learners and 10 corporate deals, OTO satisfies a gap in the market in Egypt and the Middle East.

  1. Presto

Presto is an on-demand automated delivery platform targeted at small and home-based businesses, offering them the power of automation and a versatile distribution cycle that can deliver their products to customers.

  1. Proteina

Proteina is a one-of-a-kind startup that sims to replace fishmeal in aquaculture and animal feed with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly insect-based protein by using traceable and recycled food such as fruits, vegetables and grains to feed the insects. Proteina’s environmentally responsible approach reduces the volume in landfills while delivering high-quality nutrients for animal feed and pet food.

  1. The Rent

The Rent helps connecting landlords and tenants, allows landlords to manage their properties and enables tenants to pay their rent via a mobile application.

  1. Vlaby

Vlaby is an educational platform for virtual labs that allows students and teachers to perform experiments and laboratory activities in an online interactive environment by simulating the traditional laboratory experience all whilst providing all equipment and chemicals in a customised manner for each student’s desired curriculum.

  1. Fit.Go!

Well.Fit.Go! is a personal weight-loss and fitness coaching application which allows users to follow up with an assigned personal nutrition doctor on how to transition into a healthy lifestyle through interactive and engaging coaching, daily tips and tasks.

  1. Youspital

Youspital is a service provider to the healthcare diagnostics industry that allows users to facilitate and automate customer acquisition, booking, onboarding and payment. Youspital’s innovative business model delivers up to 70% savings to customers.

Changelabs strives to support a new era of entrepreneurship in the Egyptian ecosystem, enabling ambitious startups to develop their ideas with long-lasting experience under the theme of “Design, Test, Iterate.” The Changelabs programme is set to accelerate the growth of promising Egyptian social entrepreneurs, as well as educate them and prepare them to compete in the market. Stay tuned for our exclusive coverage of this event and the announcement of more exciting startup news.

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