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Meet The 8 Tech Startups Pitching At Womena's Womentum Demo Day On October 11th 

"We're catering this entire event to the investor community, which is also why our startups will share and present more detailed financial information that you may nor typically see at a bigger demo day," Womena's Strategy and Media Developer Amira Salah-Ahmed tells Startup Scene ME.

Dubai-based boss-lady community, Womena is hosting an exclusive investor-only demo day on October 11th, showcasing eight of its women-led startups in Jumeirah.  "We're catering this entire event to the investor community, which is also why our startups will share and present more detailed financial information that you may nor typically see at a bigger demo day," Womena's Strategy and Media Developer Amira Salah-Ahmed tells Startup Scene ME. 

The Womentum Demo Day is meant to showcase the startups to the regional ecosystem in a dedicated and focused way. The event will also have a more personal feel, which is very much in keeping with the vibe and energy of the way the entire programme is structured and the way it has developed.
While there won't be a hierarchy of prizes, by personally inviting and reaching out to relevant investors, Womena is aiming to connect the startups with interested investors in a direct and personal way; "To increase their chances of starting a serious conversation with them that we can also facilitate due to our relationships with the invitees," Salah-Ahmed adds.

Based in both KSA and UAE, Dara Alsulayman founded Jaazi, an employee engagement tool that looks to combat disengagement in the workplace using a perks and benefits marketplace and a pulse- survey tool. "I wanted employees to be able to feel heard, to feel recognized, to feel connected to the place that they work, and also for employers to be able to understand what employees priorities were and what would make them productive, happy and engaged," she says.

Zelij Invent 

This team from Morocco, composed of Houda Miroche, Saif Eddine Laalej, and Maroua Soumia, is working to turn plastic waste into sustainable building materials, such as eco-friendly paving stones and floor tiles made from plastic waste. "In two years I want to see basically all [construction] projects using Paveco, it’s our first product for paving stones," says Mirouche.


A unique mobile salon for the Arab world run by Romouz Sadeq, Hani Alaraj, and Mohammed Momani where customers can book different services of their choosing, with a booking system for stylists and artists integrated with their calendars. "Beauty has been inaccessible, expensive and time-consuming for women for the past 50 years," says Sadeq.


Born in Saudi, Mathaqi is an authentic home-cooked meals from a variety of international cuisines delivered to users on demand. The team behind it are Nouf Al Saleem, Al Ameen Rasheed, and Burhan Hussain. "We found the problem that we cannot find home food on-the-go," says Alsaleem. "The productive families, they can’t monetise their skills… so we stepped in and had the platform which gathered them all," she adds.


The Tunisian team behind Seabex, Amira Cheniour, Inès Hamida, and the two co-founders Taher Mestiri, and William Kanâan, is just back from Beirut where they pitched at TechCrunch's first MENA Startup Battlefield earlier this month. Seabex is precision farming hub that offers smart monitoring of environmental data using AI to help farmers make better decisions. "Agriculture today in Tunisia, or worldwide, uses more than 70 percent of the freshwater and more than 60 percent is lost,” says Cheniour.


Reham Elmasry and her co-founder Ingi Naguib, along with Ahmed Amin, co-founded Furnwish which is is also pitching at the Womentum Demo Day. Using immersive augmented reality experiences to empower homeowners in discovering, visualising and interacting with furniture in the space it will live in, making it more practical to shop for furniture and home decor. “Furnwish is an application that uses augmented reality, but our vision is to disrupt the entire furniture industry,” Elmasry says.

We Share Property

Sarah Bacon and Steven Taylor are joining Womentum with this integrated platform that aggregates upwards of $500 from multiple investors into a property they choose, earning rental income and capital growth with zero hassle. "We see it as a perfect storm, in a positive sense, of both the real estate industry being able to benefit and ready for this kind of innovation with how technology can come together to really open up new markets," says Sarah Bacon, founder and CEO of Dubai-based We Share Property.


Founded by the married couple Mennatallah Sabry and Mohamed Abdelmottaleb, XPay is a startup working on the cashless transformation of communities through a mobile app for community members with a family wallet utilising blockchain technology, as well as a community management web portal. “We believe that Womentum is a game changer for us, a dedicated teamwith tremendous network of mentors is what every startup needs. We cannot wait to start," says Mennat Allah Sabry, co-founder and managing partner of Xpay.

Main Image: During a logo-design workshop at Womena. Courtesy of Womena. 


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