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Digital Platform Pre-Preneurs Trains the Next Generation of Egyptian Business Leaders

It’s never too early to start learning the skills it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and this Egyptian platform is proving just that.

Entrepreneurship has transcended being a simple buzzword, but a true career option as more and more new industries present opportunities to innovate and market gaps to conquer across the Middle East. Pre-Preneurs is an Egyptian platform targeting high school and university students to help them do just that, by creating a digital space for young people to share ideas and projects and get them thinking like business owners.

Pre-Preneurs works by connecting students’ ideas - either independently or as part of a school-wide partnership - to industry leaders, from private companies to governmental institutions and NGOs, to facilitate an ongoing dialogue. They also encourage teachers and professors to volunteer to coach and mentor students on their ideas to help turn them into business plans.

The free-to-use platform hopes to help young minds get discovered by leaders that can help propel their ideas and jumpstart their careers, as well as getting educational institutions in contact with businesses to help ready young people for the real world.

Sign up to Pre-Preneurs here.

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