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EU Launches ‘Innovate Jordan’ Programme with EUR20 Million Investment

The programme encompasses a unique collaboration between the EU, the Jordanian government and the private sector.

In collaboration with Jordan’s Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation and Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship, the European Union has pulled the trigger on the ‘Innovate Jordan’ programme, which comes as the latest in a consistent EU support for the country’s innovation industry.

The EU is set to invest EUR20 million into promoting new initiatives that can “unlock entrepreneurship and innovation potential and enhance job creation and growth in Jordan.”

With the ultimate aim of enabling local companies and startups to become competitive on an international stage and drive forward Jordan’s digital economy, the programme’s first effects will be felt through the support of three new grant initiatives in collaboration with private sector entities. The first, in collaboration with Endeavour, will target 45 local businesses for growth and scaling, with a view to equipping them with the tools to attract foreign investment and emerge on international markets. The second, will see SAM Engineering take the lead on the establishment of Jordan’s first digitisation and innovation centre with the aim of promoting digital solutions in the world of manufacturing. The third and final initiative is in collaboration with Orange and will establish a host of facilities across Jordan, including 23 digital centres, six coding academies, six FabLabs, six growth accelerators and three incubators.

For the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, the programme is a perfect fit for the drive towards fully-digitised government services and digitally-enabled income opportunities. 

“We are committed to empowering the citizens and residents of Jordan in their digital journey across sectors and industries,” Minister Muthana Gharaibeh said. “Our alignment with ‘Innovate Jordan’ will ensure motivating and inspiring people to produce change by maximizing the impact of financial and non-financial incentive programmes in place.”

You can find out more on Innovate Jordan here.

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