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Egyptian Entrepreneur Radwa Rostom Breaks New Ground with an Exhibit on Sustainable Architecture

Between May 5th and 12th, the Egyptian architecture startup will be showcasing their work among others' in Beit El-Sura.

Egyptian architecture startup Hand Over is organising a photography exhibition to showcase their work as well as those of architects and builders around the world who are passionate about sustainable architecture. Hand Over is organising this exhibition at Beit El-Surah, in Maadi, between May 5th and 12th, as an opportunity to illustrate different building techniques through photographs showing the beauty of these structures and their building process; showing the stages of the construction, the materials and tools used and the workforce who made this a reality. 
Hand Over is an award-winning social enterprise, utilising sustainable techniques of construction for the sake of community development. Their main focus is on designing and building environment-friendly and cost-effective structures to create a real community development. Hand Over has been operating for almost three years now and during this period, the startup was able to implement four projects in different fields.
Recently, the architects behind Hand Over have been concentrating on using earth construction, a building technique that has been used many years before. Through research and experience, they are trying to create some enhancements to the technique to fit today's needs. Their work is also human sensitive, abiding by the "Human Centered Design" approach that allows them to focus on the users' needs and involve them in all the processes of the project. 
The exhibition will also show case some of the great work of innovative architects, builders and photographers from several countries. The main contributors are Hand Over, Mada Architects, Ahmed Abdelgawad, Youmn Faisal, Nour El Refai, Karm Build, Jim Hallock, Andrew Michler, Amr ElDahish, Boldan, Rehab Eldalil, Roger Anis, Anas Kamal, and Marwa Dabaieh.

You can find out more about the event here.
Main Image: Courtesy of Hand Over. 

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