Tuesday April 23rd, 2024
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GIMED Egypt Opens Applications for Eco-Innovation Competition

The competition will see the winners gain access to mentorship, grants, investment opportunities and more.

Staff Writer

For the last few years, the world’s eco-needs have looked more and more towards the entrepreneurial ecosystem for answers. It’s especially true of the Middle East, as governments and environmental institutions look to the rapid innovations sweeping over the region for solutions.

One initiative that is looking to get to the heart of the ecosystem is GIMED, an EU-funded initiative supporting green entrepreneurship and innovation which is currently on the lookout for entrepreneurs with innovative, eco-friendly projects or services, looking to be part of the green economy with an upcoming competition. The competition will bring together businesses in the ideation and early stages, in addition to already-established small businesses: namely young female and male entrepreneurs, as well as founders of new ventures, executives in small businesses and small businesses and early-stage ventures.

Interested individuals are required to submit a business proposal to Gimed in one of three tracks. The first is Production and Consumption, which looks for ideas touching on providing both new and redesigned solutions to achieve the efficient use of resources such as recycling, upcycling, food waste reduction, renewable energy, green farming etc. The second, meanwhile, is Boosting Demand and Marketing Opportunities for Green Businesses, which will look for innovation in marketing tools and solutions for measuring carbon footprint, food consumption, education on ecosystem vulnerability and more. The final track, Innovations for Mobilising Capital and Credit for Green Business encompasses solutions for eco-footprint offsetting programmes, green crowdfunding and fintech solutions.

The green-thumbed entrepreneurs taking part in the competition can benefit from grants, innovation partnerships, investment opportunities, coaching and mentoring, as well as potential investment opportunities. Some of the mentors include Ashraf Tawakkol, founder, principal designer and CEO of FortyNine, a design and design management consultancy firm; Amr El-Awamry, the Mentors Units Manager at iHub; and entrepreneur, angel investor and IFC-certified Corporate Governance Director, Riham Abu Elinin.

The deadline for applications is 21st January 2021. Click here for criteria and general information, and to submit your application.


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