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Health 2.0 Cairo Is Gathering Med-Techies In Its "Tech Startups Meiosis" Meetup on August 13th

"The main theme of the Tech Startups Meiosis is mentorship. There will be between 15 to 20 mentors from business, technology, and medicine fields," says Health 2.0 Cairo's Omar Shaker. We speak to the organisers behind the "Meiosis" happening at the Greek Campus next week.

After holding Egypt's first health hackathon at KMT House last March, Health 2.0 Cairo has partnered with Falak Startups to launch a meetup on August 13th identified as "Meiosis;" a type of cell division that results in four daughter cells each with half the number of chromosomes of the parent cell, as in the production of gametes and plant spores. The meetup promises to provide the chance for healthcare tech innovators to get inspired by and network with top mentors and industry leaders in the fields of healthcare, investment, business, and technology.

The main theme of the Tech Startups Meiosis is mentorship. At Falak Startup's office in the Greek Campus, a total of 25 health-tech startups will attend three mentorship sessions, with a range of 15 to 20 mentors from business, technology, and medicine fields such as Plasma Center for Blood Diseases, Cleopatra Hospital Group, Novartis, and Vezeeta. 

"The purpose is to guide innovation towards where it is needed. So that entrepreneurs don't establish startups that do not address the real problems faced in hospitals, clinics, and the Egyptian people on a wider scope," Omar Shaker tells Startup Scene. "So we want to gather people from these ecosystems to support the young innovators in the field of health tech. We want to be the place where they go to and meet experts and investors." 

Health 2.0 is an annual healthcare convention based in Santa Carla, that unites innovators, policymakers, and company owners all involved with health gathered in one room to talk about improving the healthcare system. 

Health 2.0 Cairo kickstarted in 2014; as they started to collect surveys and gather startups they found that 25 percent had a tendency to drop out the following year. Therefore, they thought about providing this platform to support those struggling startups with a chance to form new partnerships and voice their concerns to the right mentors. "We launched the health hackathon because we found a deficiency and wanted to introduce the tech innovation to this field. But this meetup is a little different, we are trying to increase the connections and partnerships between the healthcare startups and the mentors we're inviting." 

Falak and Health 2.0 Cairo share the same mission of connecting startups with the right mentors. "Falak has more than one startup involved in digital health, which shows that they would know exactly what to provide us with in terms of speakers, mentors, and panel discussion ideas," Tareq Mandour tells Startup Scene. "It will also be an opportunity for both Falak and the startups to know more about the programmes and benefits Falak is offering." Beside organising Health 2.0 Cairo's meetup, Mandour is the co-founder of Mazboot, a healthcare tech startup which was also one of the 15 startups that pitched at Falak's inaugural demo day.

Main Image: Omar Shaker speaking to the audience of the health hackathon last March. Courtesy of Health 2.0 Cairo. 


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