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If You're A Techie, You Don't Want To Miss Out On These 5 Talks Happening This RiseUp Summit

Whether you get hot under the collar at the mention of “AI” or “crypto,” check out these panels and talks taking place in a few days at #RiseUp18.

How can we use the technologies of the future in today’s #groundedexperience? Just like there’s a groundbreaking group of speakers taking part of RiseUp’s creative conversation this year; it’s time we break down threads of code getting discussed in panels and discussions between local and global tech entrepreneurs and experts.

1. A New World Order AI and Geo-Politics // December 7th, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM  

What a title, right? As the power of artificial intelligence (AI) ascends, raising terrifying questions amongst techies and non-techies alike, the ecosystem started witnessing unprecedented questioning of multilateral institutions, a rise of autonomous weapons and an environmental crisis that has gone out of proportions. In this panel, AI social entrepreneur Amr Dawood and tech diplomat Aurore Belfrage will be discussing the potentials of a global arms race for AI supremacy, while exploring the implications this might have on geo-political affairs. 

Being a tech entrepreneur, political advisor and investor, Belfrage spends most of her time in the intersection of AI and international affairs. While working as an Industrial Advisor to Europe’s leading private equity house EQT, she's also a syndicated columnist with leading Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) and a contributor to Politico. 

Dawood on the other hand is an avid social and AI-entrepreneur. He has been recognised by numerous organisations as a leader in his field, such as being given the awards of "Hero of the year" in 2018 by the Young Social Innovators, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Ashoka Changemaker, U.S State Government "Ireland's Emerging Leader of the Year" 2018, Washington Ireland Program alumn 2016, Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur regional winner, and many others. He is currently focusing on AI where alongside his co-founder, they have created a new AI that is able to detect and predict the impact of any event around the world in real time using image, video and text recognition. 

2. IBM’s Wael Abdoush, On Disruption Of The Cloud Services // December 7th, 2:35 PM - 3:00 PM

The steady march towards cloud computing in many startups is now part of the business strategy. At RiseUp’s packed tech track, Wael Abdoush, IBM Egypt’s Country Manager will talk about how cloud technologies are creating value through extensive data collection of Internet of Things.

Abdoush will also share insights and explore opportunities provided by Data Science and Analytics. He will also introduce new paths to implementation of applications using Service Oriented Architecture as micro-services and the organisational changes these cloud tech strategies require to successfully tap its potential.

In this talk, IBM Egypt’s Country Manager will list down what one can achieve from the new technology trends on the Cloud, particularly IBM Cloud.

3. Coding In Areas Of Conflict // December 7th, 4:15 PM - 5:05 PM


Re:Coded is a coding bootcamp for conflict-affected youth in Iraq and Turkey, who allegedly would not otherwise have access to first-rate resources, mentorships and employment opportunities. Alexandra Clare, is the co-founder of Re:Coded and will be engaging in a talk about coding and how it helps keep people on top of the food chain in war zones.

“We believe that while talent is universal, opportunity is not,” says Clare.

In partnership with Flatiron School and Udacity, Re:Coded teaches their students mobile and web development, how to build new projects and accelerate their journey to becoming a working developer. “We believe that youth across the Middle East—across ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic background—should have the opportunity to learn to code, and access a dignified livelihood in the tech sector,” she adds. Throughout the programme supplied by Clare and her team, the students learn business communication, teamwork, agile project management and UX/UI. The last eight weeks of the bootcamp is dedicated to a real-life client simulation when they develop a working prototype application in teams. Upon graduation, they help place students in the digital job market, where they can build a career and earn above-average incomes.

Clare will be present at RiseUp's tech track, taking part in a panel discussion about refugees in tech, with Ryan Sturgill, director of Gaza Sky Geeks and moderated by Melissa Jun Rowley, BBC News and Forbes journalist and #50InTech advisor. 

4. Programming People with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency // December 8th, 11:40 AM - 12:30 PM


“Blockchain technology is often a solution looking for a problem, but when it comes to IoT, it not only solves its biggest issues, but it opens up the way for new applications,” says Amr Saleh, co-founder of Elkrem, an Egyptian hardware blockchain startup.

The truth is that the invention of Bitcoin goes far beyond just online money. “Some people believe that the underlying technology, called Blockchain, will become the most consequential invention since the internet itself,” says Nour Haridy, co-founder of Lamarkaz. “This simple but wildly misunderstood piece of technology is already being used by thousands and thousands of developers around the globe to change every single human activity from business, economics, internet apps, to politics and democracy.”

In this panel, Saleh and Haridy will discuss the implications of Blockchain technology on Egypt and the rest of the planet.

5. 34ML’s Ahmed Saafan, On Tech and Clients // December 8th, 3:25 PM - 3:50 PM 

This talk will run entrepreneurs through the steps of coordinating and understanding the needs of clients looking to disrupt the norm and evolve with the world of tech. “I will take you through the process of fostering a collaborative dialogue between clients and agencies,” says Ahmed Saafan, CEO of 34ML, a web development startup.

More often than not, companies are aware that they are lacking a core element of their business. Therefore, Saafan will discuss the process of gathering all the necessary information from the client to relay to the agency and create an accurate and detailed brief. Throughout this process, clients should be well-versed in the correct terminologies to ensure accuracy when producing deliverables against defined milestones.

Secondly, the CEO will highlight the importance of educating the client on common “client/agency asks” to create the most financially viable offer. Through this, Saafan will engage in a discussion with his audience to define timelines and most importantly a communication plan to be implemented throughout between all parties involved to come to a final agreement.

In conclusion, inspired by his experience with clients, Saafan will elaborate on the most common problems that arise throughout the process and go through general best practices on how to overcome them.


Check out the full agenda here.

This list is susceptible to change upon confirmation of new speakers, or the cancellation of old ones.

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