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KMT House Sets Off to Turn Entrepreneurs Into Filmmakers

Especially for early-stage startups, going viral can be a real challenge. Sharine Atif is giving a workshop to teach entrepreneurs how to make viral videos on a tight budget.

Cairo's KMT House, a co-working space for innovative urban shakers and makers, is hosting video-making workshop, free of charge, for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders of startups who are interested in learning how to make their own video content on a budget. The four-week workshop will be followed by another workshop on video marketing on social media. Dates will be announced soon.

The instructor giving the workshop, titled "DIY Video for Startups," is Sharine Atif, a renowned filmmaker in the Middle East's cinema circles. In the first part of the workshop, Atif will break down the key elements of storytelling. Participants will be introduced to various video types and styles. The entrepreneurs will learn how to brainstorm video concepts, how to effectively plan shoots and self-produce their ideas and turn them into products of high quality and vast readership.

The workshop will also cover film interviews, in terms of frame shots and video editing. Participants will gain basic and general knowledge on sound, dialogue, and lighting techniques for low-budget videos and for videos that require no budgets at all. By the end of the workshop, each participant will have made one video.

To join this workshop, one must be a founder, CEO or manager of a startup company that needs video content. One must own a camera, that could be embedded in a smart phone. The workshop will take place on every Wednesday starting July 18th for eight sessions (six hours per session).

Application deadline is July 12th at 9 AM. You can register here

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