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New Angel Fund FirstCheck to Back Africa's Female Tech Entrepreneurs

In addition to backing female-founded, early-stage startups, the fund is also making efforts to develop a new generation of female angel investors.

Aiming to to advance equity, capital and leadership for women across Africa through tech and entrepreneurship, the FirstCheck Africa angel fund has launched with big ambitions. Started by managing director of Endeavour Nigeria, Eloho Omame, and co-founder of PiggyVest, Odunayo Eweniyi, the fund will hit the ground running by investing $25,000 in what has been phrased as 'ridiculously early' startups, but it's also looking to evolve the otherside of the investment coin.

Though details are unclear , mame and Eweniyi are also aiming to develop the middle tier of female angel investors through the establishment of a community of millenials and mid-career female professionals. Said community will inform and facilitate tech and angel investing, as well as potential opportunities for investing in venture-backed tech companies across the continent.

“We want to make it easier for women in Africa to raise venture-backed capital and invest in technology startups,” said Omame and Odunayo in an official statement. “We’re creating a future where women have an equal hand in leading and shaping the continent’s future through technology & entrepreneurship,” the fund said.

Learn more about FirstCheck Africa here.

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