Tuesday April 23rd, 2024
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RiseUp Summit 2019 Goes Live With an Agenda With 7 Tracks Instead of the Classic 3

This year’s RiseUp Summit packs a handful of surprises for a variety of audiences, and Startup Scene has some secrets to share with you.

Staff Writer

Just when you thought there were already plenty of reasons to put your big boy/girl pants on and get yourself a ticket to this year’s edition of RiseUp Summit, the most influential entrepreneurial get-together of its kind keeps adding even more, with more new tracks set to feature as part of its 2019 agenda, highlighting their thematic slogan, #JourneyOfGrowth. As the leading summit of its kind in the Middle East, RiseUp has, year upon year, kept upping the ante, giving emerging entrepreneurs even more opportunities to elevate their ideas and get the most out of what has become the most important date on the entrepreneurship calendar. This year, those opportunities are as wide and varied as ever.


Fin-tech is the new black, and Egypt’s ecosystem is heading off to new heights with the adoption of more cutting-edge technologies. Come closer, I have a secret to tell you. Egypt boasts a couple of startups that have made it big in the fin-tech industry, allowing them to position themselves as major game-changers in the ecosystem. Fine, that might not have been a secret, but there is more for you to see. We all know that money makes the world go around, so how can we accelerate that and execute its impact with ease? Is Egypt the new Dubai, in terms of fin-tech? How long would it take for the establishment of a totally cashless community? How can banks, financial institutions, and individuals benefit from the fast-growing financial technology landscape? So many questions, but little answers. The discussion on the big stage will be led by Waleed Sadek, Mohamed Okasha and Mohamed Farid, which will discuss all these challenges and how to overcome them, how to take advantage of all the elements of financial inclusion, and how the rising industry creates a paradigm shift in the region in the wake of cross-border collaboration. 

Growth Hacks

An entrepreneur once told me that a startup is like a baby. You have to nurture it, feed it, help it grow, and employ people to take care of it when you’re not around. Much like babies, sometimes you can hit a certain roadblock with your startup which prevents you from achieving what you want. Fortunately, this year’s summit will have the right parenting tips for your startup baby to grow. At RiseUp 2019, we’re talking growth hacking, because your baby is bound to become a big boy if you let it. If you’re a small to medium enterprise aiming to make it big, if you had just launched your big idea but aren’t receiving the right amount of traction and customers, this panel is for you. You might want to schedule a play-date because one of the speakers on the Growth Hacks Stage this year is Mona Ataya, the CEO of the biggest online baby shop in the Middle East, which will be sharing her very-own baby’s growth journey. Additionally, Matt Phillpe and Moustafa Mahmoud will also be joining the stage to share their own tips for growth. 

Emerging Tech

Okay now drop everything you’re doing and pay attention to this. If you’re a geek like me, this is already your new favorite thing. This year’s RiseUp Summit is all about technology, most namingly, emerging technology. The new track will delve and uncover all the new acronyms recently created, like AR, VR, 5G, and who's better than Mona Hamdy, Faris Naboulsi, and Mohamed Kasstawi to talk about these new and exciting technologies. Egypt has yet to implement 5G technology, but it’s never too early for us to learn about the exciting technology that has light-speed capabilities that are able to supply the world’s best new thing like self-driving vehicles and remote medical surgery. That’s not all though, because the co-founders of Arabot, the artificial intelligence (AI)-based Jordanian startup, will let you in behind the scenes for you to see the first Arabic-language AI chatbot, and how it’s making waves across the world.


As technology transforms the shift of culture, it's very important to take a moment and stop, to reflect on the social narrative that is linked to technology. To ensure a future that is free from robotic invasion and other Terminator-related catastrophes, it's vital to revisit the core of our mission as human entrepreneurs. This branched-out tech track will discuss how technology, as a redefining tool, can be used for the betterment of humanity and demonstrate how technology is truly changing lives, whether it's speech and hearing impairment technology or the next solution for clean water. The stage will be graced by Amir Zarkesh, Sebastian Bond, and Patrick Rogers co-leading the journey towards the future of work. 

Smart Capital

The Middle East’s tech ecosystem has been rapidly expanding throughout the years, and as serious as it sounds, many startups are emerging without the need for a roadmap. Some of the speakers at the Smart Capital track include Tradeling's Muhammed Chbib and Hassan Mohamed Fayed, who will talk about how entrepreneurs can navigate the ecosystem and leverage all the resources provided to them. Lastly, Global innovator Kamran ElAhian will also take the stage to give you the necessary tips you need to avoid chaos by creating chaos. Additionally, Nestle’s Gerardo Mazeo will explore and share how one of the world’s most prominent corporations and your favorite brand of bottled water can act like a startup, as it never ceases to promote innovation. Brand and design giant Brian Collins will also tell you what it takes for your brand to become a household item and dominate the market, like Spotify and Nike.

Creative Economies

If you’ve reached this far, you’re probably overwhelmed, but it’s okay, so am I. But that’s more of a reason to join journalist and acclaimed author Alya Mooro and Nasri Atallah’s fireside chat on how to write a best-selling book and what you tools you can leverage as a Middle Eastern creative, which will help you gear up for the modern-day’s Creative Economy. Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or even a hoop-maker, this track provides the talk of the century by telling you how to show your work through storytelling, and how to turn your craftsmanship and artistry into a viable career option in today’s landscape. At the end of the day, RiseUp Summit is giving you this opportunity because you’re worth it. Yes, you can overcome all of the things holding you back and this track will give you the actionable methods for that to be true. You might even be the next Bill Gates and not even know it.

Creative Culture 

Saving the best for last, when live gives you lemons, you make lemonade. This track is a literal blending machine for your creative juices. This is the global phenomenon created when art meets business, as life imitates art in all its forms. In order to become better humans and better entrepreneurs, creativity and innovation are the key to unlocking the enriching experience that is called art. The Creative Culture track will have Tarek Attrissi, Salma ElWardany and Yasmeen Majili showcase the latest trends, techniques and innovations in the creative industry's visual art sector, whether it's branding, UX/UI design or good-olé photography, and how creatives are shaping culture inside startups and the ecosystem. 

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