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Saudi Arabia’s MiSK Launches Second Edition of Entrepreneurship World Cup

After only one edition, the global initiative has become one of the most sought after platforms for founders and entrepreneurs to gain comprehensive know-how within their respective industries.

After a rousing debut in 2019, the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) by the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (MiSK) is making a comeback with a second edition. 

The global competition acts as an incubator for burgeoning innovative minds in the region to develop their knowledge, expertise and experience in the world of commerce. Be it local or international, the initiative moulds entrepreneurs and their startups to not only realise a beta version of their venture, but a market-ready and realised business that’s ready to take off the ground.

Despite doubts of a second edition taking place this year due to COVID-19, the EWC is setting the stage for a more comprehensive initiative. The ambition is to support startups in all stages of operation, including providing tools, resources and an unmatched network to propel an entrepreneur’s venture to greater heights. The programme provides virtual training, mentorship and exclusive access to a huge content library of tutorials. 

“The second (edition of the) competition seeks to achieve success more comprehensively than the previous version, by embracing as many young businessmen and businesswomen as possible in Saudi Arabia,” said Abdulrahman Al-Suhaymi, Director of the EWC. 

The platform also includes global co-chairs such as the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the Global Education and Leadership Foundation. The inaugural edition was a notable success, with over 102,000 entries from 187 countries. Organisers aim to kick that figure up a few thousand notches, with a target of reaching 150,000 startups.

“The world today, more than ever, needs to foster entrepreneurship among young people, encourage them to innovate and develop solutions for a better future,” adds Al-Suhaymi. “Bigger and better has been our simple mantra, but in the current circumstances, we have now added ‘different.’”

Deadline for applications is August 9th. You can apply now right here.


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