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The Best Webinars to Fill Up Your Quaran-time This Week: June 28th - July 4th

Fill your planner with our weekly roundup of online sessions and webinars from across the region.

The world’s slowly creeping back to life, but one thing remains unfaltering: the flock of entrepreneurs and platforms giving online talks and webinars. Even as we slowly start to settle in for real meetings rather than on the not-so-dearly beloved Zoom, webinars are still going strong, with every week a great host of experts from the ecosystem sharing insights and instigating dialogue on fascinating topics such as the state of crypto, the fate of tech startups in a post-COVID world and how new regulations will impact business decisions in the region. Here’s our list of the best webinars this week:

Startup Grind Women Month with Vicki Lau, Content Creator, VFX Artist and Founder of Seyenapse, hosted by Startup Grind

When: Sunday, June 28th | 5 PM (GMT+4)

Where: Zoom

Startup Grind Women Month with Thea C. Myhrvold, founder and CEO of GetBee and TeachMeNow, Dubai

When: Sunday, June 28th | 7PM (GMT +4)

Where: Zoom

Beyond Cryptocurrencies: Long Term Strategic Investments in Blockchain Technology, hosted by DIFC

When: Monday, June 29th | 12 PM (GST)

Where: Zoom 

Accelerate Your Digital Business: Key Trends and Ideas from Education, Healthcare and Hospitality, hosted by GELLIFY

When: Tuesday, June 30th | 2 PM (GST)

Where: Zoom

Technology and Innovation Competitiveness for a Post-COVID World with Soumitra Dutta, Professor and Former Found Dean of SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University, hosted by AUC School of Business

When:Tuesday,  June 30th | 2 PM (Cairo time)

Where: Zoom


Virtual Science Cafe: COVID-19 Vaccine Opportunities and Challenges by Microsoft Teams and British Council in Egypt 

When: Wednesday, July 1st | 11 AM

Where: Zoom


How will the updated Data Protection Law impact your business? by DIFC

When: Wednesday, July 1st | 12 PM (GST)

Where: Zoom


Actionable knowledge to catalyse greater philanthropic impact with Clare Woodcraft, Executive Director of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP), the University of Cambridge. Hosted by John Gerhart Center AUC

When: Wednesday, July 1st | 1 PM (Cairo time)

Where: Zoom


Branding 101 with Magd El Sherif, Co-founder of Matter, hosted by MINT EG Bank

When: Wednesday, July 1st | 7 PM (Cairo)

Where: Zoom 

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BLOCKCHAIN: Its Uses and Implications
Date: 9/24/2020
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