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The Hajj Hackathon is Calling on Arab Entrepreneurs for the Largest Hackathon the MENA has Seen

Around a week before Muslim pilgrims around the world take a plane to their holy grounds, #Hajj_Hackathon is scouting for tech solutions to solve difficulties that have long accompanied pilgrims during Hajj.

Between August 1st and 3rd, tech entrepreneurs from across the region will gather in Jeddah International Convention Centre, for the world's first "Hajj Hackathon," finding tech solutions to problems millions of Muslim pilgrims face annually. Aiming to make it the largest tech challenge ever held in MENA, the Saudi Federation of Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones along with Google are expecting a total of 3,000 coders, developers, designers, and tech entrepreneurs with an eye for innovation. Non-Saudi applicants could be eligible for transportation and accommodation coverage and an expedited visa process.

Egypt's RiseUp is among the many key players in the region eyeing the ecosystem in Saudi Arabia from a distance. But they thought it was about time to get involved with this ecosystem, and hit the iron while it's hot. The hackathon is open for coders, developers, designers, and tech entrepreneurs and innovators ready to take up the ultimate tech challenge and impact the future of Hajj via technology. "This hackathon tackles the problems and issues facing pilgrims performing Hajj every year," RiseUp's Communications Manager Sami Awa tells Startup Scene ME. "Participants shall utilise technology and innovation to find solutions to improve and develop the Hajj experience." 

Prizes range from SAR 1,000,000 ($266,615) seed investment for the first winner to SAR 500,000 ($133,292.5) and SAR 350,000 ($93,327.5) for the 2nd and 3rd place winners, including Google Home Mini, and free tickets to RiseUp Summit 2018. "The Hajj is a major pilgrimage featuring millions of pilgrims every year and the winning innovation will be piloted in the next Hajj," Awa adds, hoping the fruit of the hackathon would potentially improve the Hajj experience in the years to come.

You can apply via this link.

Main Image courtesy of Saudi Federation of Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones.

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