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This Week in Webinars May 10th - 16th

Mark your Google calendars with our weekly curated list of online webinars and talks from across the region you won’t want to miss.

After almost 2 months of quarantined realities, it’s safe to say we’ve adjusted to this new world of trying to hide our messy rooms on Zoom and keep ourselves centred. Or at least we hope we have? One thing that hasn’t been slowed down, is the slew of platforms that have enabled aspiring entrepreneurs to remain engaged during this time, with all sorts of webinars, online talks, panels and even events such as summits, demo days and networking hangouts. And they’re still going strong this week! From insights on the Egyptian fintech industry, the behavioural shifts in e-commerce and the golden nuggets of wisdom on how startups can remain afloat, we’ve compiled a list of all the best webinars happening this week.

Introduction to Scenario Planning by Start Egypt


When: Sunday, May 10th | 8:30 PM

Where: Zoom

Life During the Pandemic with Abdullah Waytan, Marketing Director and Consultant at Trolley by Sikkitik

When; Sunday, May 10th | 11:30 PM

Where: Instagram Live 

The Future of Learning and Development by I-Gamify


When: Sunday, May 10th

Where: Zoom

Offshoring: An Expert View on Setting Up an Offshore Company by Falak Startups

When: Monday,11th of May | 9:00 PM Cairo

Where: Zoom

Misk500 Batch 3 Digital Demo Day by Misk Innovation and 500 Startups

When: Monday, May 11 | 9:30 PM (KSA time)/10:30 PM (Cairo time)

Where: YouTube livestream  

Investing in Startups with Mohamed Hossam Khedr, founder of Internet Plus by Fekretak Sherketak

When: Tuesday, May 12 | 9 PM

Where: Facebook Live

The Future of Startups After COVID-19 by I-Gamify

When: Wednesday, May 13th

Where: Zoom

The Impact of COVID-19 on Purchase Behaviour and E-commerce with Maurice Mattar, CEO of Feel 22 and Vanessa Zuabi CEO of Mint Basil Market, by Flat6Labs Beirut

When: Thursday, May 14th | 4 PM

Where: Zoom 

Fintech Regulations in Egypt and The Fintech Egypt Platform with Rasha Negm, Head of Fintech & Innovation at The Central Bank of Egypt and Andreas Ruepp Head of Project PAFSME at GIZ Egypt, by Young Enterprise Finance

When: Thursday, May 14th | 9 PM

Where: Zoom 

Keeping your business afloat with Rhett Power, Co-founder of Wild Creations and bestselling author, by Startups Without Borders and The Cairo Angels

When: Friday, May 15th | 8 PM

Where: Zoom 

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