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Three Egyptian Harvard Graduates Launch Website to Help Arab Students Study Abroad

The platform, called Bridges, offers insights from the founding team and offers advice on scholarships, recommendation letters and more to help with the admission process.

As the Coronavirus crisis causes circumstances to shift by the second, manoeuvring college decisions and admissions – an already challenging task under normal circumstance – is now plagued with uncertainty like never before. Campuses across the world have announced closures through the 2020 academic year, with no clear end in sight yet.

Guiding students to find the right academic fit by creating a digital resource for Arabs wanting to study in top tier universities are three Egyptian Harvard graduates: Dr. Rana El-Kahwagy masters and PhD in Law, Nourhan Shabaan currently studying for a master’s in Public Policy at Harvard Harvard Kennedy School and Dr. Mohamed Zaghoo, PhD in Physics.

Together they’ve started Bridges, a website dedicated to help students navigate undergrad, masters and PhD admissions through the collective experiences of Arab graduates at US and European universities. The website hones down the specific requirements for admissions such as understanding the timeline, getting a kickass letter of recommendation and how to find scholarships.

“Our world is going through a pandemic. With the shutting down of much activity, we were a bit freer now. We decided we should use part of this free time to work on an idea we discussed countless times. We wanted to build a platform where students, Arab students, can access resources,” said the founding team in a statement. This website is our effort to gather what we have learned through our experience and to welcome others to share what they learned as well.”

Head here to check out Bridges’ blog posts and resources on how to best handle your admissions.

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