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Egypt’s WiRE Microsystems Offers World’s Fastest System Recovery Solution

A graduate from AUC's Venture Lab, WiRE Microsystems XMachine is the fastest system recovery product on the market, saving your and your company's data from computer crashes.

We’ve all been there. You’re working away on a big project, almost ready to submit your masterpiece, when suddenly everything comes to a screeching halt. Your computer has frozen, and anything you do seems to make it worse. You turn it off manually, hoping autosave will save your life and you’ll still make your deadline. You take a deep breath, turn it back on and cross your fingers. Except it never turns back on. Instead you get the blue screen of death, and think about handing in your resignation rather than trying to explain to your boss you lost all your data.

Established in 2016, before graduating from AUC’s Venture Lab acceleration programme in 2017, WiRE Microsystem’s flagship product XMachine has been created to save us from the modern horror story of losing data after an operating system crash. The startup focuses on cybersecurity and business continuity solutions that can keep wheels turning even when it seems like technology is working against us. As most of us are now working remotely, securing our files and all that hard work we’ve put into it is more important than ever.

"We have a vision of a world of single-second self-recovering computers, free of permanent data loss in spite of all scenarios of security attack or system failure. Our upcoming cybersecurity solution can prevent ransomware hits through real-time filesystem monitoring,” says Mahmoud Saad, Founder of WiRE Microsystems. The startup’s software XMachine One, truly takes one second to locate and solve the issues causing operating systems to crash – or not load to begin with. It’s no surprise then, that after their incubation at V-Lab, WiRE Microsystems went on to win several awards for their revolutionary tech solution: in 2018, they got a top prize at the World Youth Forum, and went on to get the Startups Innovation Award at the 2019 Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation.

Most recently, WiRE Microsystems were selected for the Microsoft for Startups programme, catching the attention of the global tech giant. "With their vision of revolutionizing system recovery and data security across the globe, I believe WiRE Microsystems' partnership with Microsoft for Startups will provide them with all means of success to achieve their vision," says Mohamed Abdelkarim, partners and startups development manager at Microsoft Egypt.

Needless  to say, XMachine One is a godsend to anyone who uses a computer to work and especially those who can’t afford to lose irreplaceable files they’ve been working on for months. With innovations like this, IT downtime for any business can be hugely reduced – it’s like having an engineer built-in to every computer at your company.

Head to WiRE Microsystem's website find out more.

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