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Egyptian Social Livestream Activities App SYNK is Here to Make Lockdown Fun

The app enables users to teach or learn any skill, from cooking and dancing to sports and musical instruments. We talk to SYNK’s founder, Sara Hatem, to find out more.

As social media livestreams become part of our regular routines and we have more time than ever to learn new skills, several apps and video platforms dedicated to how-tos have capitalised on this mass quarantine moment where thumbs are always swiping through feeds with not much else to do.

SYNK, a newly launched Egypt-based livestream app for at-home activities, has joined the zeitgeist. The app is a platform designed for users to easily organise/join live streams to teach/learn about a variety of topics such as cooking, photography, dance, arts and crafts and even science. Literally any and all niches or mainstream activities are encouraged to host their classes and tutorials on the agile app.

“Possibilities are endless and entirely up to you. If you’re good at something, host an activity to give others a taste of your love for the activity,” Sara Hatem, founder of SYNK tells Startup Scene. “Activities that tickle your brain, move your body, bring out your creativity, or teach you how to do something; bake a hot melting chocolate soufflé, take a class on Vinyasa yoga, turn your plastic waste into useful tools, learn how to twerk or attend a talk on the commonalities between humans and electron particles!”

The app offers a feed of all available livestreams to join, as well as a different tab for events organised by the user. In addition to the joining/registering livestreams, it is also a social platform allowing users to follow friends and tune into events together and befriend fellow users. While anyone on the app is able to livestream any kind of activity, the app offers a premium status for users with expertise who can become a ‘Synk Master’. These users are handpicked by the SYNK team, and will be able to monetise their livestreams.

SYNK was initially an app meant for real-life spontaneous activities, ironically designed to deviate the addiction to our screens and encourage people to register for all sorts of fun activities such as desert adventures, sports games, museum tours, concerts, or even a game of chess. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the app quickly shifted to accommodate the recent digital migration. “We immediately thought of launching during these times as we realised it would be the best quarantine app; a platform with all livestream activities, SYNK-ing people beyond borders,” says Hatem.

SYNK is now available on iOS.

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