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Is This Dubai-Based Startup the AI Version of Trello?

PlotAi launched in January 2020 and has been hired to help Dubai Courts manage its 1,500 employees.

Based out of Dubai Silicon Oasis and the Greek Campus, Cairo, PlotAi is a simple AI-powered chat bot built to reinforce team communications for a better workflow.

Launched in January 2020, PlotAi has been hired to help Dubai Courts manage its 1,500 employees. “Our biggest challenges was the finances,” PlotAi’s executive VP Ahmed Shiboob tells Startup Scene. “PlotAi took one year and 10 months to be ready. The development cost was so high.”

With its subscription-based model, the platform also provides business owners with a centralised database that gives them access to the collective knowledge of their team. It also makes the field force more visible, allowing businesses to make the right decisions, deliver the right messages, and automate teams to execute plans and give a chance to monitor all teams.

So far, PlotAi has five arms extended from its system: Trainingbot, a window for all the managerial levels, where the direct manager can direct their team members and the upper management can make sure that the investment is coming from the right person for a valid reason. Ejabibot, a window through which attitude is monitored and controlled. Surveybot, a window that communicates feedback. Knowlegebot, a window through which information is exchanged. And finally, Needsbot, a window that predicts the needs of your employees and communicates them.

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