Wednesday July 17th, 2024
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Meet NAQLA: The First Egyptian Startup to Address the Needs of an Aging Shipping Industry

Launched in 2016, NAQLA can be considered something of a trailblazer in Egypt, as it continues to make strides in simplifying the often complex process of shipping.

Staff Writer

When we speak of digitisation and infusing old industries with new technologies, there are a whole range of sectors that are often overlooked. One such sector (or sub-sector) is trucking, not least because of the very many moving parts that go into the process. Trucking has been part of the transportation industry for over two centuries, though there's been very few advancements in recent times, particularly in the Middle East. Enter NAQLA, Egypt's first trucking platform. 

Founded in 2016 by Samer Sallam and Sherif Taher, NAQLA launched with the complex aim of making the transportation of goods simple. Available on iOS and Android, the app streamlines the shipping process from beginning to end, covering everything from automating everything from pick-up and delivery, to payment and all documentation.

It all sounds so straightforward, but the beauty in NAQLA is in the detail. On the part of shippers, NAQLA acts as a valuable tool through which they can utilise data analytics to make informed and effective decisions, further feeding into the ultimate goal of optimising shipping performance. It also works towards a  critical element that isn’t immediately put at the top of the priority list when it comes to shipping: customer satisfaction. In allowing shippers to accurately and efficiently track their shipments, timelines are better managed and smiles raised. 

Carriers also benefit in that they are able to readily access the right loads at the right time, while also uploading road receipts and other shipment documents to the app itself. NAQLA also has access to a wide variety of trucks, ranging from pick-up trucks to flatbed trucks, ensuring that no job is too big or small for the startup. Whether dry or refrigerated, NAQLA also offers road container transport services to global shipping lines, freight forwarders and cargo owners, cementing NAQLA’s position as an all-action, all-inclusive service.

Having started off as a simple idea, NAQLA now boasts over 150 employees across seven HQs all across Egypt in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta, Ain Sokhna, Kafr Zayyat and Meet Bara - and they’re constantly on the move to expand its coverage and grow.

In fact, NAQLA is even expanding its services, with the recent announcement that it is set to launch NAQLA Store to serve another important element of the process: the truck drivers and their trucks. The store will not only offer tires, batteries and other automotive essentials, but will do so by offering them through payment plans to soften the often hefty blow that comes with buying spare parts and vehicle maintenance is general.

In the last five years, NAQLA has worked with companies of all kinds, companies that have found value in renovating a system that they might not have realised needed renovation. The team at NAQLA aren’t ones to rest on their laurels, however, and will this year revamp the experience at every stage in the name of streamlining the entire process even further.

For more on NAQLA, check out their official website.


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