Thursday July 18th, 2024
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9 Podcast Episodes Featuring Stories of Powerful, Inspirational Women, Available on Anghami

In business and in life, the stories of powerful women breaking barriers, challenging misconceptions, and making history are a constant source of inspiration. Here are 9 we recommend you listen to on Anghami.

Staff Writer

A female breadwinner. A single mother. Queens whose legacies remain woefully miswritten in our histories. The omnipresent icon of the unruly woman. There is nothing like taking the time to listen to the stories of the women of yesterday, today, and tomorrow—often in their own words—as they break barriers, challenge misconceptions, and make history, whether that’s in Ancient Egypt, Silicon Valley, or the tech scene in Dubai. 

The History Chicks: Cleopatra

Let’s get one thing straight. Cleopatra’s reputation as a sex-obsessed seductress who Yoko Ono’d the Roman Empire is wholly undeserved (sidenote: Yoko Ono is also grossly misrepresented in pop culture, but that’s another story for another time). You know what Cleopatra was? A queen, whose life was defined by battle after battle: within her family, for the love of her people, for the respect of Rome. Listen to her story in this episode from American podcaster History Chicks, and then their equally fascinating story of Hatshepsut, the queen who refused to have her name erased, even from beyond the grave.

Rumooz: Shajarat al-Durr: the Concubine who Ruled Egypt

A similarly misunderstood icon of Egyptian history: the Mamluk-era Shajarat al-Durr. Fierce, intelligent, beautiful, and powerful, she had the unfortunate role of balancing a war with the Crusades with infinitely feuding princes, but is not remembered as she should. Listen to Rumooz’s vignette of the ruler in this episode, and then fast forward seven centuries or so, and listen to their episode on Huda Shaarawi

Eib: The Story of A Female Breadwinner

It’s incredibly difficult to pick just one ‘Eib’ episode for this list. A thorough and endearing dissection into all that is taboo and unconventional in the Middle East—gender, abortion, unmarried parents, the prevalence of circumcision, sexual education and orientation, among others—the show gives a voice to the barely heard, often to ordinary women we need to hear from to remember we’re not in this alone. In this one, a woman shares her experience of becoming the breadwinner of the family, and the unexpected effects on her marriage.

NPR: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman

Here’s to the loud, proud, angry, frustrated, untamed, unruly women. On this deep dive, American host Sam Sanders talks to author Anne Helen Petersen, who focuses on the women who are deemed ‘too much’ by society, and the magnetic power they hold.

The Dukkan Show: To All the Single Moms (Cohost: Sara AlMadani)

Welcome to the tribe. The ever-lighthearted podcast network hosts Emirati fashion designer, restaurant owner, serial entrepreneur, tech-innovator, and single mother Sara AlMadani to unpack the terrifying landscape of “doing it all.”

Dom Tak: Fairouz’s Civil War 

The entirety of Dom Tak’s fantastic first season focuses on Arab music’s biggest divas, and the little-known stories behind their music, particularly how their fame brought them more pain than we realise. In this immaculate episode, Fairouz is a microcosm of a country in turmoil, and a reminder of the infinite power of the female voice.

Kerning Cultures: Outcast

Muslim or not, veiled or bare-headed, every woman—in one way or another—has been made to feel harassed, pointed out, or “outcast” because of her outer appearance. In this episode of Kerning Cultures, producer Nadeen Shaker shares her very timely story of trying to discover why she felt excluded because of her hijab, tying history, politics, and class into the ongoing debate.

Women Power Podcast: Networking Like A Boss: How To Build Organic Relationships

Okay so you’re in the mood for something a little more pragmatic than powerful women throughout history. A succinct, Arab look at something that could help you, a young Arab woman, get where you want to go: this episode by Wafa Alobaidat does just that, tackling one of the scariest aspects of our careers. How do you network like a boss when you’ve been taught to be good, quiet, and docile your whole life?

When Women Win

Again, impossible to pick an episode, so we won’t. An informative, celebratory show into the lives of phenomenal women; regional and international female pioneers share their inspirational stories, and pass their wisdom on. On each episode, host and creator Rana Nawas, features one remarkable woman, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, famed correspondents and anchors, and athletes conversing on gender parity, internalised misogyny, and the personal stories of triumph of each of the women.


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