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This Saudi Entrepreneur Is Releasing Gloves that Translates Sign Language into Speech and Text

The revolutionary product could be a significant contribution in educating children with speech disabilities.

London-based tech startup BrightSign develops a smart glove that allows individuals with hearing impairments to communicate by translating sign language into speech and text. Founded by Hadeel Ayoub, the BrightSign glove is designed to help families and children with speech disabilities to become better at sign language. Additionally, the device allows users to translate to most languages through a web-based mobile application.

The Saudi inventor and tech innovator, Hadeel Ayoub has designed the glove with a minimalistic, simple architecture that include sensors to track finger positions, hand orientation and dynamic movement with a wristband outlining the external hardware.

The hand gestures get translated into text, which appears on the glove interface’s screen, which allows the user to comfortably select speech and voice language. Then the speech is made audible using an external mini-speaker. “I want to break the current barriers facing those who wish to broaden their experience with sign language beyond the current traditional method,” explains Ayoub.

Alongside her university, Hadeel won the IBM Global Hackathon in AI for Social Care with her design, according to Zawya. The product has been in production for almost four years to complete the device after undergoing several rounds of testing and prototyping, with advancements made to develop software, hardware, and design. After receiving hopeful response, she pursued the project even further and is now upon release. 



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