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11 MENA Startups Gear Up to Compete at the Entrepreneurship World Cup

From Egypt and Sudan, to UAE and KSA, these are the 11 startups representing MENA.

Eleven startups from across the Middle East and North Africa are set to compete at the Entrepreneurship World Cup - and the stakes couldn't be higher. 

Taking place at the Misk Global Forum on October 18th-20th, the competition will see the startups take on the other 90 from across the world chosen as the EWC 100, for a slice of the $1 million in prizes on offer. First place will win $500,000, second place $250,000 and third place $100,000. There will also be a bonus of $50,000 up for grabs for one top-scoring startups in the ‘idea stage, ‘early stage’ and ‘growth stage’ categories, while each of the competing startups will receive a special package of in-kind services valued at $850,000.

The finalists were whittled down from around 175,000 from 200 countries that competed at EWC national finals throughout 2020. The EWC 100 includes 10 isea stage, 52 early stage and 28t growth stage startups, with a range of different sectors represented, including AI, SAAS, foodtech, edtech, fintech and many more. Check out MENA’s representatives below.

AbuErdan (Egypt) - A Cloud-based poultry management startup that leverages AI and predictive analysis to increase production, profitability and efficiency.

Amal (Palestine) - Construction-to-contractor digital network that utilises machine learning tech to attain bespoke, crowdsourced information.

Awecademy (UAE) - Offers online and offline programmes to equip youth with skills, mindsets and values through alternative models of schooling.

BrightSign (KSA) - Edtech startup that has produced a sensory glove equipped with machine learning software that recognises any sign language and translates it into any spoken language.

Edama Organic Solutions (KSA) -  A startup that transforms organic waste into valuable products for desert agriculture.

Epilert (Tunisia) - Bracelet that detects and monitors epilepsy seizures using integrated biosensors and ML algorithms.

NOQOD (Sudan) - Fintech startup that aims to address the main pain points of traditional payment. 

Peregrine Genomics (KSA) - AI and third-generation sequencing technology that enables accurate and affordable genetic diagnosis in real-time.

Talon Dust Control (KSA) A startup that has developed a range of liquud spray-on priducts that aims to mitigate the financial, health, safety and environmental impacts of dust and sand storms.

ThePlatform (Bahrain) - Farming platform that utilises data to enable variable rate irrigation and fertilisation through scientific modelling.

Singularity Computing (Algeria) - Provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of computational modeling, product development, engineering simulation, high performance computing  and engineering intelligence.

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