Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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A Look Into Mintrics, the Egyptian Startup that Just Landed an Investment from Numu Capital

With clients such as Disney, Unilever, and Buzzfeed, the social video analytics dashboard has just secured a funding round that will boost its expansion globally.

Staff Writer

Mintrics, a unique social video analytical tool created in Egypt, just landed a seed investment for an undisclosed amount from Dubai-based VC, NUMU capital. The investment comes to push forward the startup's expansion plans to go global, says Tarek Nasr, co-founder of Mintrics. “We've already set up an office in Dubai. We have a business development plan of expanding to the US West Coast, because that’s where all the media companies are,” he explains. 

Launched by Nasr and Tarek Shalaby in 2016, the startup was born as an offspring of their creative digital agency ThePlanet, as the videos they created required a whole new service. “Initially, we have another business where we produce videos. One of our sponsors once asked us for an analysis, and we couldn’t find a proper way to quantify it, we decided to create our own platform, and it started booming. So we turned it into a company of its own,” Nasr says.  

Mintrics analyses the performance of all of their user's videos across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter in one dashboard. The platform compares their users’ videos against their competitors' and dive into their reach, consumption, retention, engagement, and more - all with benchmarks and historical data. The idea guiding the development is that users spend less time and money analysing and reporting, thus being able to create beautiful, engaging content. According to entrepreneurs, it's the only tool of its kind all over the world. 

With massive clients including Disney, AXE, Buzzfeed, Unilever, and LG, the platform is very user-friendly, as users can log in using their Facebook through their Mintrics website. Once that happens, Mintrics automatically gathers all the videos from all pages managed by their users, then provides analysis and historical charts, in order to first give a space for their user to understand how their videos are performing. Then, it provides comparative analytics and a colour-coded list where users can group all their videos and select one of them, for example, to find a complete analysis of its performance, a comparison to competitors, and recommendations for a better performance.

This is not the first time Numu Capital sets its eyes on Egypt. Earlier in March, instant delivery startup Bosta had secured a seed investment from the same Dubai-based VC. 


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