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AFKAR Launches to Bring Tech Solutions of the Future to MENA

Based out of Dubai and founded by a team of leaders and innovators in energy, engineering, management and fintech, the new ‘energy tech enterprise’ is looking to bring the future, now.

Seed, accelerate, maximise. Simple words that are at the heart of AFKAR, a new energy tech enterprise based out of Dubai. Bringing together a team of leaders and innovators in energy, engineering, management and fintech, AFKAR is aiming to aid and shape a sustainable path for the region's energy sector.

Self-described as a ‘first mover’ in its goal of helping launch new products first with a view to gaining competitive advantages, the team includes Adnan Ghabris (Chairman), Maen Razouqi (Executive Director), Zied Ben Hamad (Executive Director), Ghassan Mirdad, Raja Al Mazrouei and Mazin Al Lamki (Directors).

Beyond seeding startups and providing them with access to funding and digital and enterprise solutions, however, there's a bigger goal at play for AFKAR.

“AFKAR Ventures’ three main pillars are to seed and scale startups, accelerate the expansion of established companies, and grow the returns of institutions via fit-for-purpose solutions,” Ghabris explained. “AFKAR is not a conventional energy services or product manufacturing company, nor is it just an investment powerhouse. It will establish some unique business models combining both.”

One of the ultimate goals for AFKAR is to transform the region from a technology importer to a technology creator - to "unlock the full potential of our region," fintech expert and one of AFKAR’s directors, Raja Al Mazrouei, added. They intend to do so by leaning heavily on what is being touted as over 100 years of combined experience in energy boasted by the founding team.

You can find out more about AFKAR on its official website, or get in touch via afkar@afkarventures.com.

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