Monday February 26th, 2024
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Uber to Pilot New Call-Back Safety Feature in Egypt

Announced by Uber Egypt, the new feature will connect customers to a specialist ‘Incident Response Team’.

Staff Writer

While safety has long been a thorn in the side of Uber, the ride-hailing giant has, for the last few years, been making strides to remedy the issue. The latest step comes in the form of a 24/7 call-back safety feature that allows passengers to communicate with a dedicated Incident Response Team in order to report any and all incidents pertaining to safety.

The in-app feature has been rolled out in eight markets across the Middle East, and the announcement by Uber Egypt of the feature's launch comes following the Cairo-based office’s ongoing communication with the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency.

“Rolling out the call-back feature is a step further in our safety efforts to make trips on the Uber app a more safe experience,” General Manager of Uber in Egypt, Ahmed Khalil, explained. “We understand how every minute counts in critical moments, and that’s why we remain committed to design innovative features that will help Uber users to stay connected to us.”

The call-back feature will be available to customers after every trip, via the ‘Trip and Fare Review’ section of the app. After a customer submits a call-back request - which entails submitting a contact number and a brief description of the incident - a representative from the Incidents Reports Team will call in minutes, according to Uber.

The feature is the latest to address safety by the company, joining features such as caller anonymisation, two-way accountability and the ability to share trip details with contacts.


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