Tuesday April 23rd, 2024
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Abu Dhabi Chamber Establishes Working Group for Startups & SMEs

The group aims to ensure sustained growth and development, in line with the broader economic objectives of Abu Dhabi.

Startup Scene

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) has announced the formation of a dedicated working group aimed at supporting startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) registered in Abu Dhabi. This strategic move aligns with the ADCCI's vision of positioning the Emirate as the premier business destination in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by the year 2025.

With a focus on empowerment and economic development, the Startups and SMEs Working Group will collaborate with government agencies and the private sector to address challenges faced by enterprises in this sector. Their goal is to foster innovation, find solutions to industry-specific hurdles, and drive economic diversification. By doing so, they aim to ensure sustained growth and development, in line with the broader economic objectives of Abu Dhabi.

“The Startups and SMEs Working Group will be responsible for developing plans and proposing policies, which will seamlessly attract representatives from these enterprises to enter into promising sectors, particularly modern technology sectors experiencing significant local and global advancements,” His Excellency Fouad Darwish, Board Member of ADCCI and Chairman of the Startups and SMEs Working Group, tells StartupScene. “Additionally, the Group will spearhead numerous programs, initiatives, and activities tailored to furnish startups and SMEs with the necessary guidance and skills as well as coordinate with various parties to provide a platform that enhances cooperation and the exchange of experiences, ideas and opportunities that support the growth of startups and SMEs.”

Recognizing the significant role played by startups and SMEs in Abu Dhabi's economy, the working group aims to create a conducive business environment for their growth. These enterprises are responsible for providing job opportunities for over 46% of the Emirate's workforce and contribute significantly to Abu Dhabi's non-oil GDP, accounting for 42.8%.


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