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Cognitev Is The Only Egyptian Startup Heading To San Francisco's TechCrunch This Year

The Internet marketing startup has been invited to the annual TechCrunch Disrupt happening between September 5 and 7.

Cognitev is the only Egyptian startup going to TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco on September 5th where they will be exhibiting their technology; a platform to fully automate marketing. "Our product is a market disrupting innovation that's adopted by customers across 20 countries so far, so we're changing the game in the online marketing industry," Basmat AlSabah Fareed tells Startup Scene. 

"TechCrunch is like the Oscars for startups and tech companies," Cognitev's CEO Mostafa Mahmoud tells Startup Scene says. "Being invited to such an event is a huge privilege to showcase our amazing product on a global scale and get acquainted with what is new with the AI market all over the world, in order to be able to fulfill the gap and find more opportunities to expand." Cognitev is working so hard day and night to make sure that we have a great product, as we are expecting some huge traffic at our booth," he says.

The Egyptian startup is working to achieve one mission: to make the Internet a better place. Using the AI technology, Cognitev claims to have created a push-of-a-button marketing solution. "Our main focus currently is Instascaler, an automated digital marketing channel which is easy to use by small business owners and startups without the need for any dedicated experienced team, SEO/PPC skills, or time-consuming optimisation," Cognitev's CEO adds.

Cognitev has three offices; the Dubai Office is the HQ office and has the CEO office, top management and some of the sales team. The U.S. office is another sales office as their producs are growing in the North American market. Whereas, Egypt's office is the kitchen where they cook up their products and operations. It's where all their engineers and product team are at. "We are developing a new complementary automated service that generates leads in order to give easier and more efficient solution for businesses to grow their marketing funnel and get one more step closer to their targeted customers," he says.  

Main Image: team behind Cognitev. Courtesy of Cognitev.

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