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Egypt-Based Logistics Startup Trella Raises $3.5M From Avanz Capital

Cairo-based Avanz Capital has launched two new funds that will help further diversify its investment portfolio.

Cairo-based Avanz Capital Egypt, a subsidiary of I Squared Capital International, is making waves in the investment landscape by backing the promising logistics startup, Trella, investing approximately $3.5 million in the Egyptian logistics service provider.

The investment not only reflects Avanz Capital Egypt's confidence in Trella's potential but also establishes the company as a key player in the thriving logistics sector. By partnering with Trella, Avanz Capital Egypt aims to leverage the startup's innovative solutions and contribute to the growth and success of the logistics industry.

In addition to backing Trella, Avanz Capital Egypt is launching two new funds, further diversifying its investment portfolio. The first fund focuses on supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with the aim of providing much-needed capital and resources to fuel their growth. By nurturing these enterprises, Avanz Capital Egypt aims to contribute to the overall development and expansion of the Egyptian market. The initial closing of the Avanz Manara Fund in March amassed financial commitments of approximately 905 million Egyptian pounds, with about 25% of the amount already paid.

The second fund sets its sights on low-carbon projects, intending to issue "carbon credits" under the name ‘EGYCOP’. With an initial target of raising one billion Egyptian pounds, this fund underscores Avanz Capital Egypt's commitment to sustainable investments and the transition to a greener economy. By capitalizing on opportunities in the low-carbon sector, Avanz Capital Egypt seeks to drive positive environmental impact while generating attractive returns for investors.

In addition to launching new funds, Avanz Capital Egypt actively explores opportunities to invest in existing funds and companies. The company aims to identify potential investments that align with its strategic objectives and have the potential for growth and value creation. Avanz Capital Egypt's investment strategy encompasses various sectors, including healthcare, logistics, the green economy, renewable energy, and defense, among others.

Avanz Capital's parent company, I Squared Global Capital, manages assets worth over $13 billion in 130 companies worldwide. The company targets investments in funds and companies in startup and emerging markets, with a particular focus on Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Through its support for Trella, launch of new funds, and investment in existing funds and companies, Avanz Capital Egypt showcases its comprehensive approach to investment. By diversifying its portfolio across different sectors and supporting both emerging and established enterprises, Avanz Capital Egypt aims to generate attractive returns while contributing to the overall economic development of Egypt.

As the company expands its investment activities, it strives to make a positive impact on the Egyptian market and position itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking growth and investment opportunities. With its dynamic approach and strategic investments, Avanz Capital Egypt continues to play a vital role in driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic growth in Egypt and beyond.

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