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Egypt’s DilenyTech Secures Grant to Scale AI-Powered Platform for Breast Cancer Detection

The grant, from the ITIDA-affiliated ITAC programme, comes off the back of the startup receiving its third US patent as it looks to expedite breast cancer detection.

Egyptian healthtech startup, DilenyTech, has announced that it intends to expand its AI-enabled platform to improve and accelerate breast cancer detection, after it secured a $160K grant from the Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC), a programme affiliated with Egypt’s Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

Launched in 2018 by Dr. Ahmed Ehab Mahmoud, DilenyTech aims to improve the accuracy of breast cancer screening and diagnostic workflow through AI-based assistance. It has done so by providing solutions for medical imaging analysis, breast cancer risk assessment and structured reporting to top-tier international health tech companies. The grant comes off the back of the startup was awarded a US patent for a novel AI-enabled image analysis technology at the end of 2020, the latest of three of US patents it possesses. It also recently launched the first worldwide bi-lingual AI-enabled breast cancer risk assessment tool in Arabic and English.

Beyond the AI and innovation, however, DilenyTech’s underlying aim is simple - to save as much time as possible when time is of the essence. “Thousands of healthcare professionals can access our online platform anytime, anywhere,” Mahmoud said. “This shall reduce patients’ suffering due to long waiting time as well as inaccurate diagnosis.”

So highly regarded is DilanyTech, that it is sponsored by telecoms giant, Etisalat Misr, and multinational pharmaceutical, Novartis, feeding further into its reputation as one of the most innovative and fastest growing healthtech in MENA and Africa regions. 

Learn more about DilenyTech here.

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