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Egypt’s Otlob to Be Re-Branded as Talabat

Part of the Delivery Hero’s portfolio of food delivery brands, Otlob will be branded in-line with the rest of the Middle East.

Otlob has been the go to service for Egyptians who can't find something healthy but filling to eat and just end up ordering a fried chicken burger for over twenty years. Now ,the delivery service will be upping the anti, rebranding to its Dubai-based affiliate food delivery website Talabat. This move by umbrella company Delivery Hero shows its plans to consolidate all its business in the Middle East and North Africa under the same brand. 

“The September 1st rebrand reconfirms Talabat’s commitment to the Egyptian market, and the vast potential that it holds. In the upcoming years Talabat will continue to invest significantly in the country to stimulate growth in a range of delivery-related sectors – aligning with the recently launched Digital Transformation initiative by the Egyptian government,” said Talabat in a statement to MENAbytes.

The re-branding also means a more efficient delivery service with a slicker, cleaner and easier UI. “This means that the whole order process will be simpler, more engaging, and more intuitive. The Talabat app will be available when we rebrand on September 1st,” explains Otlob’s Managing Director Sofiène Marzouki.

Talabat CEO Tomaso Rodriguez added that the reinvention of Otlob into Talabat also marks the creation of more than 50,000 new freelance rider positions for the Egyptian workforce.

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