Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Egypt’s Premier eSports Team Anubis Scores $300,000 Investment

Founder Youssef Mohsen continues an unlikely but remarkable rise for one of the few eSports teams in the region.

Staff Writer

If you’re one of the many people on the outside of the ‘ecosystem’ looking in, wondering what exactly constitutes a ‘startup’, then this news is likely to send you even further into a tailspin.

Egyptian eSports team, Anubis, has announced that it has scored an impressive $300,000 seed round. This takes Anubis’ investments to $450,000, following a $100,000 investment just last month. As one of the few eSports outfits in the Middle East, Anubis was founded in 2015 by Youssef Mohsen (pictured below) and quickly began taking part in regional and international gaming tournaments.

Beyond proving to their parents that all those hours clocked on video games weren’t a waste of time, eSports teams are far from what non-gamers might believe. Not unlike traditional sports teams, these guys and gals have coaching staff who oversee practice, they produce merchandise and are followed by legions of fans, particularly when it comes to tournaments.

On the part of Anubis, their success and following is owed to some pretty impressive achievements in the gaming world. Just one year and two championship titles into its existence, Anubis found itself on the radar of Egypt’s Ministry of Youth and Sport, which recognised it as an official eSports team fit to represent Egypt regionally and internationally.

Since then, highlights include being crowned regional champions of first-person shooter, Counter Strike, and are currently locked in the latter stages of an international tournament for the game.


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