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Egypt’s Takery Cloud Hubs Raises $3 Million Seed Round

The funds will help the startup expand its reach and offers its Proximity-as-a-Service innovations to international brands looking to expand into the MENA region.

Egypt has bore witness to radical shifts in consumer consumption patterns in reciprocation with the growing E-commerce sector, consequently, consumers now anticipate faster on-demand delivery. With that notion in mind, Takery - Egypt’s leading cloud hub company - has made an active choice to procure and sustain an exceptional standard of services and practical mediums to accommodate the innovations. Traditional means of distributing goods have antiquated, calling on technology to fill in those market gaps. Takery facilitates food franchises and online brands to penetrate the marketplace in a non-fortuitous manner. 

Breaking boundaries in the Proximity-as-a-Service sector, Takery has just announced a $3 million target in fundraising throughout 2022, subsequent to the success of their premier funding round. The incursion of funds will be utilized in their plans to expand within the cloud tech sphere. With subtract plans of augmenting the workforce and furthering their technological developments. Global expansion is also in the books for Takery, with plans to bridge cross-border gaps and enable international brands in their expansion within the GCC and MENA regions. 

Takery’s consumer-centered business model permits companies and fast-food chains to rapidly expand and transmit goods from all regional districts in mere minutes. Pioneering the Proximity-As-A-Service model in Egypt; Takery ultimately provides new wave remedies for classic expansion tactics. As an intermediary, they enable vendors to access untapped markets and in turn bolster their production capacities without the innately costly route of taking on real estate capital expenditures. This efficient take on traditional production processes inevitably breeds better quality goods, thus, happier customers.    

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