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Egyptian E2E Logistics Startup Milezmore Raises $5M From Brimore

Brimore, a social commerce platform, will look to utilise Milezmore's own infrastructure.

Brimore, an Egypt-based social commerce platform, has invested $5 million in Milezmore, an end-to-end logistics service provider that works in cloud fulfilment, customisable operations solutions and last-mile delivery.

Seeing opportunity in the inefficiencies and flaws of Egypt's traditional supply chain systems, Milezmore has been able to assist companies to manage their logistics. While Brimore was the first company it has worked with, Milezmore has since experienced unprecedented growth and expanded to cater to many other organisations.

“For decades, Egypt has suffered from a fragmented traditional supply chain structure that no longer works with the rise of new commerce models, especially after being hit with a global pandemic," Mohamed Abdulaziz, CEO and co-founder of Brimore, says. "To address this challenge, we believed that the best solution was to invest in Milezmore to handle all the heavy operations. After all, Brimore’s promise is to create smart infrastructure for the masses, and our investment in Milezmore is a testament to that.”

With this new capital, Milezmore will be able to scale its cloud solutions by investing in technology, higher delivery capacity, and expandable storage area, as well as double its team to serve a customer base that's 50 times larger than before.

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